No One Is Safe From Argentina’s Drug War

The events of that evening in January are etched into Vilma Jaime’s memory. The sun had set, but it was still oppressively hot and neighbours were outside in the street, chatting and drinking traditional mate tea. Then the gunshots began.

Ms Jaime ran into her house, and watched through the keyhole of the front door as the blood started to spill. Three people were shot that night – miraculously, no one was killed. But many others have not been so lucky.

Ms Jaime, 32, lives in the Nuevo Alberdi neighbourhood of Rosario – a city of just over a million inhabitants, some 200 miles north-west of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. The gunshots have become increasingly frequent in the city’s poorest quarters, where turf wars for control of a lucrative local cocaine market have caused the murder rate to spiral.

“Here we’re used to hearing shots in the morning, at midday, at whatever time really,” she said, pointing out the house across the road where the Ferreyra family used to live. They were forced to flee the area after receiving threats from a local drug gang.

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