Another BC Medical Marijuana Grow-op Busted for Too Many Plants

A legal medical pot grow-op that has raised the ire of a Port Coquitlam neighbourhood has been shut down indefinitely by the city.

The city’s Public Safety Inspection (PSI) Team, along with Coquitlam RCMP, executed a search warrant on a house located in the 900-block of Governor Court on Feb. 14, after they suspected the occupants of operating an illegal grow-op.

The city confirmed the address did have three licences from Health Canada to grow marijuana legally, but the search turned up more plants in the home than allowed.

Under PoCo’s bylaws, the house was slapped with a do-not-occupy order because of health and safety issues, and the homeowners will now be forced to remediate the property before being allowed back in to live. The power and water has also been cut to the home.

A couple of weeks back, a group of residents appeared at a PoCo council meeting urging the city to take action against the house.

The residents feared the grow-op was a danger to the neighbourhood.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I guess those residents feared the grow-op would come alive and attack them?

    Don’t understand what they’d be afraid of.

    If people don’t want grow-ops in their neighbourhood then why not remove the incentive and legalize it.