Arizona Senate Panel Okays Plan To Clarify Medical-Pot Law

A bill that would pave the way for medical-marijuana research at Arizona’s universities, particularly to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, is advancing through the Legislature.

The Senate Health and Human Services committee approved a bill Wednesday that changes the state’s medical-marijuana law, which currently bans medical pot on public university and college campuses. It also passed another bill that strictly prohibits marijuana dispensaries from packaging medical drugs as confectionery or candy, or labeling it in a way that might make it attractive to kids.

Senate Bill 1443 clarifies a measure the governor signed into law last year. The proposal qualifies that, although the pot-on-campus ban is in place, the statute doesn’t prohibit public universities and other postsecondary schools from conducting medical-marijuana research on school grounds.

Sara Presler, CEO and executive director of the Maricopa County Medical Society, a professional group that represents more than 2,600 physicians, said the bill would allow medical researchers to study the real effects of cannabis.

“One of the most important things we can do is have real data to make public-policy decisions,” Presler said. “We don’t have the data. We don’t have the information we need to make good policy decisions.”

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