John Schwarz, Father Of String Theory, to Headline Medical Marijuana Conference In D.C.

A medical marijuana conference planned for next week will not feature activists, politicians or even law enforcement. The event’s main speaker will be John Schwarz, a theoretical physics professor at the California Institute of Technology and a father of string theory.

Aside from an editorial published in The Huffington Post late last year, the conference will mark Schwarz’s first time speaking publicly on the issue.

“Being a physicist, not a physician, I don’t usually comment on issues in medical science,” Schwarz wrote in his editorial. “But I can no longer remain silent while people in my family and profession run the risk of federal arrest so that they can follow the recommendations of their doctors.”

One such person is Schwarz’s wife, Patricia, who, after being diagnosed with a bladder condition in 1995 found medical marijuana was the only thing that relieved her pain. After listening to her groan about the issue for years, Schwarz said her husband felt moved to take up the cause. “We live in a evidence-based society,” Patricia Schwarz told HuffPost. “Why isn’t the science getting through?”

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  1. gutrod on

    The real evidence is that no one has ever overdosed and died as a direct result of smoking m.j. The government is totally ignorant and blind to the medical benefits. They would rather poison us with addictive pharmaceutical opiates than allow freedom of choice. Cannabis is far more healthier and safer than these.
    Recreational use is mainstream and our governments refuse to budge on decades old philosophies which are totally out of touch with the realities of the 21st century. The current laws have been proven to be based on lies and government propaganda. Most old potheads are still standing and productive while their alcoholic buddies are have at least one foot in the casket.

  2. Anonymouse on

    Multiverses, membranes (unique realities) bumping into one another, vibrational existence, you have to be a psychonaut to have come up with something like string theory. Imagine what we could evolve to if psychedelics were legal and used responsibly.

    Most of the politicians are lawyers. Lawyers are trained to argue, and it is what they do regardless of the evidence. It is too bad our politicians are not scientists, then they would be unable to disregard evidence and logic in regard to politics.

  3. bb54 on

    Politicians !!!!
    Dont listen to this madman !!!

    Yours truly,

    a scientist

  4. Anonymous on

    I’d love to know what strain is being held in that pic