Cops Trim Abbotsford Medical Marijuana Grower Who Had 10 Times The Allowed Crop

An enthusiastic medical marijuana grower has had his surplus crop pruned by police.

Abbotsford police used a warrant to search a home Tuesday night and found almost 300 marijuana plants.

They later discovered a man at the home had a licence from Health Canada to grow medical marijuana, but the permit was for just 35 plants and his crop was nearly 10 times that.

The extra 260 plants were seized.

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  1. gutrod on

    It’s good that they didn’t arrest him. Sounds like some this herb may have ended up in some cop’s pipe. Cops are human too & I’m sure at least 10% indulge occasionally. They should distribute it among the needy medicinal users who can’t afford to buy it themselves and eat at the same time. To destroy it makes no sense, just like the mid-evil laws that control us.

  2. Anonymous on

    Where’s the wrong doing? 1) He was 10X over his limit.
    2) That means he was dealing on a significant scale. 3) Maybe it all went to medical patients, but that’s very, very doubtful, but even if it did that doesn’t excuse the fact that he ABUSED a privilege that he was given and i believe he should lose his license because of it, at least, if not go to jail.

    It is EXACTLY this kind of thing that that has jeopardized the entire medical licensing program. It draws unwanted attention to the program and makes us all look bad. Because of him and people like him the rest of us who follow the Health Canada rules look like liars too. AND THIS WHY HARPER HAS CALLED BS on the medical argument…

    I totally agree with legalizing weed and having it run like beer/wine. Then we could drop the whole BS argument for medical reasons, like Coloradodid. But guys like this make that process even harder….

  3. M.Sebastian Patrick on

    Ta-daaa! If all they did was take the extra plants;any reasonable grower can custom-tailor a 35 plant grow w/ several varieties for their medicinal needs. Less plants-larger. In new england states are seeking such growing restrictions as four plants two ounces @ a time. no one can do this without buying clones or fem. seeds+ thats not really that much medicine for a cancer or auto-immune patient who has to ingest. We need real regulations for real medicine.

  4. Anonymous UK on

    What is the point of a law that restricts how much cannabis you can produce or store ? Surely the (alleged) crime is in what you do with it – if it all goes to medical patients then where is the wrong doing ? The number of plants is a silly limit anyway – 35 plants in a ‘sea of green’ set-up may produce about a Kilo whereas one carefully grown plant in a greenhouse could produce the same amount or more. If they rigidly stick to this quota system then I would go out and buy 35 heated and ventilated greenhouses and grow 1 huge, high yielding plant in each !

  5. Ivankov on

    No arrests?

  6. Ivankov on

    No arrests?