Pot Stays Illegal in Canada After Appeal Court Upholds Medical Marijuana Laws

Canada’s ban on marijuana was effectively upheld Friday when Ontario’s top court struck down the country’s laws related to medicinal pot much to the chagrin of activist groups.

In overturning a lower court ruling, the Court of Appeal ruled the trial judge had made numerous errors in striking down the country’s medical pot laws.

Among other things, the Appeal Court found the judge was wrong to interpret an earlier ruling as creating a constitutional right to use medical marijuana.

“Given that marijuana can medically benefit some individuals, a blanket criminal prohibition on its use is unconstitutional,” the Appeal Court said.

“(However), this court did not hold that serious illness gives rise to an automatic right to use marijuana.”

Currently, doctors are allowed to exempt patients from the ban on marijuana, but many physicians have refused to prescribe the drug on the grounds its benefits are not scientifically proven.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network called the decision a disappointing missed opportunity.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Grow your own weed. do not consent to government acts and statues. Do not identify yourself with a LAST name (look up legal definition of artificial person). Live your life as free as you wish….. and OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    I’m moving to Europe,

    Free Education, Excellent living standards where the country(ies) even helps its citizens start their lives together with their significant other.

    Replacing Canada as the best countries to live in because of the liberal social paradise they’ve created.

    Your right, what happened to Canada? We use to be those people and strive for those states of happiness.

    When did Canada become uncool and a country of grumpy haters that are just miserable.

    We’re missing the mark – taking lessons from a country that has some of the most unhappy citizens in the world was probably a bad idea.

    Right Harper?

  3. Anonymous on

    Shame on our courts.

    How are we going backwards to where America was? It didn’t work! It hurt everyone!

    And even America is leaving that ridiculous legacy behind.

    Man what happened to Canada?

    This country is becoming a prison state just as bad as our racist, sexist, homophobic neighbors.

    Please God bring the sanity back to our country.

  4. gutrod on

    It doesn’t need to take billions more of taxpayers dollars wasted on government studies to find out what most Canadians and Americans already know. Cannabis is basically harmless when used responsibly for medicine or recreation. Even when abused it is relatively safer than alcohol or prescribed opiates. I’ve smoked the stuff for over 40 years and am still standing and working everyday. No government or law will stop the people from using it. Period. The governments line just doesn’t cut it. They have been lying to us for close to a century. Have a nice life Stevie & Vicky. You will be on your way out, soon but not soon enough. We will need to go into damage control for years in the aftermath.

  5. Anonymous on

    Oh please, so much BS its not even funny. scientist can dicover many beautiful things in human history, we can put a man on the moon( did we really?) forget that..but the government cant find out if marijuana is a safe and affective drug for sickness? what is our world coming to or going to be left with? its easy, study the drug, what is it, how can humans benefit from this beautiful plant. by all means, if its bad for us we shouldnt use it but if its good and scientist can prove that then prove it. study it, prove it, make it legal because it helps the sick in pain and suffering. if someone in this world has so much money that they have the power to tell the people how the world should run, that man made medicine is better ( which kills how many people each year?) that comanpies how that much power over others is wrong. if so much in our world is bad, corrupt, why isnt anyone doing anything about it. why do we still go through it day after day, supporting and being afriad of these high rich companies? canada come on, just because america will think less of us if we legalize marijuana doesnt mean nothing. they have their country, tell them to mind their own business once in awhile. whats worse, burning fuel everyday and breathing in fumes, how about ciggs or wait, eating everyday meals made by big companies powered by poison. ( The Beautiful Truth ) look that documentary up and watch it. when you by your food, look at the ingrediants and ask yourself why do they add such poison and call it all natural products. weed/marijuana/cannabsis is the plant that has thousands of ways to use it. lookk it up ( what can cannabis be made of ) or ( hemp ) do your research. then ask, why can it not be legal. even when more than 66% of canadians agree on making it legal. also conservatives are in a tight spot when last election happened. voters were sent to the wrong address and conservatives got more seats. liberals should be in power. please vote, and be smart about it, because even our election system is corrupt so our country will go where the people in power want it to go. you think us voters make a difference. phh. yah right. everything is corrupt and its a war out there try to hide it. while playing the good guy. oh yah..if you work for the government you get a huge pension at the end while others get nothing at the end of theirs..why..becuase you and i give our tax paying dollars to higher powers. i got to stop. just so sick, so sick that weed in this whole world is this big of a problem when there is 1000 other problems much worse.