Medical Marijuana Law Goes to Arizona Supreme Court

Maricopa County is asking the Arizona Supreme Court to decide if federal drug laws pre-empt Arizona’s medical marijuana laws.

William Montgomery, Maricopa County’s attorney, filed the request Friday with the state’s highest court after a lower court ruled that Arizona’s medical marijuana law was constitutional. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled last month that federal drug laws don’t stand in the way of public officials implementing Arizona’s law.

The case started over a dispute over whether Maricopa County had to approve zoning for a dispensary in Sun City.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I hope that the voters of Maricopa county, especially the senior citizens, remember on election day that Mr. William Montgomery is fighting tooth and nail to prevent them from having access to a natural medicine. Medicine that is relatively inexpensive and often times more effective than the chemicals the drug companys come up with. Medical marijuana has been proven to successfully treat multiple chronic conditions. You already voted for and support this Medical marijuana law. Now vote out the people trying to hurt you. There are plenty of competant, compassionate, people that could take their place.

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