Three Ways Bill O’Reilly’s Drug War Rhetoric Is All Wrong

In a recent post to his syndicatd column, conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly asks the U.S. to please stop sending the wrong message about drug use. O’Reilly reminisces about the days of Just Say No and then goes off on a rant about the failures of other countries to stop drug use. Talk about people in glass houses! For many American children, drug use actually starts long before that first sip of beer, and the rates of youth drug use in the U.S. surpass use in most other industrialized nations. Given that, one has to wonder if O’Reilly himself is on drugs.

Here are the top three reasons why O’Reilly’s piece reads more like satire than social commentary.

1. The fallacy of a drug-free America. In his article, O’Reilly questions why we as Americans do not support a “Just Say No,” drug-free America mentality. Maybe it’s because human beings are wired to say “yes” occasionally. Famous sociologist Howard Becker wrote in The Outsiders that it is human nature to desire a change in perception. Young children spin in circles until they get dizzy, then they fall down in laughter, then they do it again. They are experiencing a change in perception, and it is something they enjoy and seek out. And let’s not forget that, for most people, their first psychedelic experience is in the chair at the dentist office. Mine was. I was 10 and it was amazing. The idea of a society completely devoid of a desire to alter consciousness goes against human nature as much as asking for a “sex-free America.”

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  1. Anonymouse on

    Homeless guy was spouting off some gibberish on a street corner as everyone ignored him and went about their day. I think the same courtesy should be given to Bill. Since the fall of neo-conservatism he’s been screaming louder than before.

    If we ignore him he will go away. If no one is around to hear Bill talk does he still make a sound?

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    You’d think such a patriot would urge the legalization of all drugs, unlike the pinhead prohibs. Maybe Bill decided to purposely forget the U.N. report stating: ‘Al Qaeda has made $2 billion in the illegal drug market’ . . . or ‘The Taliban makes $100 million a year in the drug trade.’ (something they made even during the 2000 Opium ban since the ban was created to keep Massoud and the like from raising enough funds to fight the Taliban -not to stop production of opium). I guess committing treason during a time of war (War on Terror) is what he believes most conservatives desire. Yes, Bill is on drugs.

  3. Anonymous on

    How about this bullshit post about drones gets deleted? I’m a medical patient and come here to find news, not read your commie rantings.

  4. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    The article is right on all points. He deserves to be made fun of nationally. Saturday Night Live probably too much afraid of his repercussions, but because its viewers can be teenagers who get to stay up late on the weekend they probably won’t do it for fear of being accused of promoting drug use simply by disputing BillowReilly.

    O’Reilly is best ignored. About 20 years ago here in Pennsylvania we used to have to Ku Klux Klan coming here from down south to hold hate rallies, until people simply stopped showing up and totally ignored them. People used to show up to bitch them out and tell them to wake up, but they kept coming for the fight, for the publicity it gave them when they made it on the news. People ignored them, stopped showing up, and the KKK stopped coming. O’Reilly is not the KKK, but if his viewership drops, his ratings drop, it’s a speedier good-bye, never gonna see you on Fox again I hope. He can be relegated to talk radio, off tv, and watch his power and influence wane, same for Rush Limbaugh.

  5. Paul Pot on

    And the king of spin is Bull Orally.