Marijuana Legalization Would Promote Drug Use, DEA Contends

Recent state efforts to legalize marijuana pose a challenge for the Drug Enforcement Administration because they would increase marijuana’s availability and promote drug use, the DEA said in a filing released Wednesday.

“Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased. Keeping marijuana illegal reduces its availability and lessens willingness to use it,” the DEA said in a financial statement for fiscal year 2012 made public on Wednesday. “Legalizing marijuana would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of drug use.”

The Justice Department is currently weighing how to respond to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the states of Colorado and Washington. Gil Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has acknowledged the country is “in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana,” while President Barack Obama said pot users in Washington and Colorado would not be a priority for federal drug enforcement.

The DEA eradicated over 10.3 million marijuana plants in fiscal year 2009 and 10.3 million in fiscal year 2010, according to DEA data. That number has risen nearly every year since fiscal year 2004, when the DEA eradicated just over 3.2 million plants.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Please sign my petition @ We The People demanding that ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowske and DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart be fired. It may not have the hoped for result, but it will send a message that we aren’t going to listen to their Reefer Madness crap anymore, and that they should let the people of WA and CO get about their business of moving into the 21st century. The threshold has been raised to to 100,000 signatures, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous on

    Notice how it came up in their financial statement? They don’t want a situation where they lose the funding. So what can they do when the people agree prohibition causes more harms? Remind people that they want the money to keep rolling in…it sends the wrong message to their funders. What did Obama say again, the discussion is on the table, and those two states have clearly had their say already.

  3. Snavedog on

    The war on drugs is over. Drugs won.

  4. Anonymous on

    What part of this don’t they get AGAIN hey guys the pot is here to stay already for FUCKS sake. All we want is it to be REGULATED. DO YOU GET IT???? It’s funny you guys can even find your way to work.

  5. Anonymous on

    The DEA are scum thugs just like the cartel enforcers. The sooner we fire all of them the better America will be. I would never hire one of these scums and I hope the new free America will do the same. I feel that they should be banished from the land along with all of the drug war scum.

  6. Anonymous on


  7. Anonymouse on

    “Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased. Keeping marijuana illegal reduces its availability and lessens willingness to use it,”

    This does not make sense. Prohibition has done more to make cannabis more available to everyone and anyone (children) that has a source (usually a drug dealer). Prohibition is responsible for creating a large and efficient illicit global drug trafficking network that never before existed. The DEA enforces cannabis prohibition so aren’t they responsible for promoting drug use (albeit indirectly)? Can the DEA arrest and incarcerate itself?

    The DEA seems to be locked in a fervid delusional narrative of self importance. The DEA’s financial filling will be used to determine the amount of funding, too bad we don’t gauge their funding on effectiveness.

    The DEA was started in 1973. Forty years later and we still have literally tons of drugs available (very little effect on supply and demand). What’s the point of having an ineffective agency that does more harm than good?

  8. gimpy on

    here here

  9. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    DEA are enforcers just like any other, brutes and blunt instruments employed. Give them different clothes and a different employer, a tattoo of the cartel they work for, and their mobster enforcers.

    They’re not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Wiens brood men eet, diens woord men spreekt.

    If they were a neutral party, their position might mean something relevant. Everyone knows forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, which is why cannabis usage is lower in The Netherlands than in the States. Consider the source, the DEA, and dismiss everything they say.

  10. Bhonze on

    Senator Dawkins of Mississippi has a new Medical Marijuana bill for 2013 SB2369 Let’s get out and support her to get this done. Get the word out to everyone to contact your reps.