Michigan Medical Marijuana Questions Left Open by Plea Agreement

A legal battle over medical marijuana rules was cut short Tuesday by a plea bargain.

A fourth day of a hearing on whether a Rome Township man was growing and dispensing marijuana within limits of Michigan law was canceled. Kevin Robert McGrath, 43, dropped a challenge to felony charges brought against him and pleaded guilty to two reduced misdemeanor counts of marijuana possession.

McGrath testified during a hearing that started Dec. 12 that a grow operation at his home did not exceed a limit on the number of plants or volume of marijuana needed to supply himself and five other medical marijuana patients he was certified to care for.

The Lenawee County Prosecutor’s Office sought to block a medical marijuana defense in circuit court because of the volume and by challenging the legitimacy of medical marijuana cards issued to McGrath and his patients.

Michigan State Police laboratory technicians were to testify Tuesday in circuit court on their analysis of plants and material seized during a July 15, 2011, police raid at McGrath’s home.

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  1. Bhonze on

    Nice Buds!!!

  2. joe on

    There they go bullying sick people.
    It should be a crime to create laws that punishment does more harm than the drug does.