Drug Czar Kills Medical Marijuana Buzz

This week, U.S. “Drug Czar” Gil Kerlikowske outlined the country’s new “21st century” drug policies in San Francisco.

Given the recent legalization of weed in Colorado and Washington, they might not be what you’re expecting.

At a meeting of police and law enforcement officials at the University of San Francisco on Monday, Kerlikowske, head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, bashed both medical and recreational marijuana.

Kerlikowske explained that calling marijuana a medicine “sends a terrible message” to the country’s youth, leading them to use marijuana more often than tobacco because they think it is safer, according to the SF Examiner.

As The Dude would say: Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

According to the Reason Foundation, changing views and marijuana reform do not have such an effect on teen cannabis usage. In fact, statistics show that over the past few decades teen pot use in particular demographics has either declined or stayed statistically the same, while public acceptance has hit “record highs.”

Similarly, marijuana usage among teens is much lower than it was in the ‘70s, a time when legalization was a much less popular notion.

– Read the entire article at SF Bay.



  1. Anonymous on

    he’s just a mobster, hiding in government rags.

  2. Anonymous on

    It is just terrible that at the beginning of a new year we are reminded again of the ongoing war on drugs and prohibition.The ripple effect will be felt for several years to come.Mr.Kerlikovske if you do one thing in 2013 that is significant why dont you retire.America does not need your services anymore.

  3. jammerk65 on

    it is less harmfull than tobaco and alcohol!…tucsonmedicalmarijuana.org…join us today!

  4. Anonymous UK on

    I do think kids may assume that marijuana is better for them than tobacco but if that is true then it is not a good thing that kids use marijuana in preference to tobacco (which is really bad for health and very addictive).
    By the way Gil (from his complexion) looks like he is no stranger to at least one drug – alcohol – just look at that nose ! If kids use marijuana rather alcohol which is legal or tobacco which is legal then is the prohibition doing any good at all ? (!) The legal status seems to be irrelevant so maybe they need to prove the harms to convince kids to abstain as they have done with alcohol and tobacco.

  5. Paul Pot on

    He’s more to be pitied than scolded.
    Drug czar’s are a dying breed.
    He can’t let go of war and lies but it will be taken from him very soon.
    Death to the drug war.
    Death to the title of drug czar.
    Legalize! Apologize! Compensate! Prosecute the Perpetrators!