Two Medical Marijuana Initiatives Qualify for Los Angeles Ballot

The city clerk in Los Angeles Wednesday said a second medical marijuana initiative had gathered the necessary 41,138 signatures to qualify for the May ballot.

The initiative would permit only the medical marijuana dispensaries that existed before the city’s 2007 moratorium – or about 100 pot shops. Many in the organized medical marijuana community, including the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance and Americans for Safe Access, back this measure.

“The Los Angeles City Council can put politics and bickering aside and adopt an ordinance instead, like this initiative,” said Yami Bolanos, president of the GLACA. “It’s time to finally do the right thing for the patients of Los Angeles.” 

Significantly, this measure also has the support of the powerful United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which wants to organize pot shop workers.

“Our initiative will guarantee safe access to medical cannabis for those suffering from debilitating and painful diseases and conditions, while at the same time enforcing the rule of law and protecting neighborhoods,” said Rick Icaza, President of UFCW Local 770. 

– Read the entire article at South California Public Radio.



  1. mick dundee on

    And then the union will destroy the businesses. Never get into bed with the union.

  2. Anonymous UK on

    You can never underestimate the power of a union. Once the Food and Commercial workers’ union adopts the the ‘pot shop’ workers they will have a powerful advocate in the corridors of power. This will mean the union will support anything that creates more ‘pot shop’ workers and therefore more union members (ie more dispensaries or coffeeshops for recreational users). They will automatically fight any kind of legislation that closes or restricts establishments where their members work.
    (Unions are part of the political establishment and politicians will do deals with unions much more readily than they will listen to the electorate )

    A very important step indeed !