Atomic Blueberry Jam Harvest at Opus Pharms

A little less than a year ago the Vancouver Seed Bank gave me a 10-pack of some of Dr. Atomic’s Blueberry Jam seeds. Eventually re-released as Atomic Jam, the strain is a cross of DJ Short’s famous Blueberry with the Doc’s own NL#5.

These seeds were germinated in damp paper towels and after sprouting were transferred to Jiffy Pots, then on to 1-gallon pots before ending up in the 5-gallon pots where they finished. They were fed “Bio Bizz Grow” as well as “Bio Bizz Top Max & Bloom”. Dolomite Lime and worm casings were added to Pro Mix HP.

In weeks 5 through 7, “Carbo Load” powder was added to the watering and feeding. Grown under 2,400 watts of HPS light with temps from 85-71. Humidity levels 54%-31%

It’s always nice to grow buds larger than your own head and I can’t wait to try these!

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