Saskatchewan Medical Marijuana Users Concerned About Access to Their Medicine

Starting in 2014 people needing medical marijuana will only be allowed to buy the drug from licensed producers.

The Federal Government says this is a change that will make it more difficult for growers to abuse the system.

But for the hundreds of medical marijuana users in Saskatchewan, they’re worried it’ll limit access to their medicine.

Carey Heilman first walked into Head 2 Head in Regina 10 years ago at the end of his rope. He suffers with arachnoiditis.

“It’s like living in hell,” he said. “It’s constant spasms and not being able to sleep, not being able to function at all.”

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  3. Brian Kerrr on

    The doctors have already said they are not going to be on board with this. The government seems determined to keep doctors as gate keepers and the law was thrown out because of that. I hope the judges in the Mernagh case will understand this and not want to do this all over again.

  4. joe on

    The doctors did not want to sign what make them think they will now. Back to court we go. Nothing will change people will continue to get there pot from growers this will no Harper is a nut that is taking big bribes to stall the pot legalization that will come.

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