Medical Marijuana Activist Makes His First Legal Purchase in Montclair

Jay Lassiter has been HIV positive for 20 years, and for just as long, he has been a self-described “criminal” for buying pot to ease the gut-wrenching nausea he suffers because of his treatment.

His criminal activity ended at 2:45 pm today, when he walked out of Greenleaf Compassion Center after making his first legal marijuana purchase at the Bloomfield Avenue shop.

Greenleaf, New Jersey’s first alternative treatment center — what the state is calling dispensaries — opened Dec. 6. Registered patients have been seen by appointment only so far.

“This is a joyous day,” said the 40-year-old activist who lobbied lawmakers in Trenton to pass the law permitting marijuana to be sold as medicine.

“This will help me manage the disease that will kill me,” Lassiter said.

He said he spent about $400 to sample the three strains of the drug Greenleaf sells.

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