Changes to Medical Marijuana Program Could Increase Price for Patients: Health Canada

Nurse practitioners could soon be able to prescribe medical marijuana to patients under their care, and the price patients pay for the drug could rise under proposed regulatory changes from Health Canada to its medical marijuana program.

The rise in price for a higher quality product grown under strict health, safety and security provisions, could price some patients out of the market that could also undergo enormous change under the sweeping proposal now under review. The changes signal the withdrawal of Health Canada from the business of dispensing medical marijuana and potentially save taxpayers $478 million over the next decade. […]

An analysis conducted for Health Canada suggested that the cost for medicinal marijuana would climb to about $8 per gram from the $5 per gram charged now when the new regulations take effect in 2014. That figure is lower than the estimated street value of the drug, which according to Health Canada is up to $15 per gram.

Read Health Canada’s new MMAR rules.

– Read the entire article at Montreal Gazette.



  1. Bhonze on

    Looks like the Americans will be selling weed to the Canadians now for a change; way to go Harper! Freek’en Genius.

  2. Anonymous on

    Harper is some kind of genius in a way.With his politics he manage to divide the cannabis community even more.By dividing the community he will be able to reign stronger and with more power.His politics is the politics of deceipt.Its clear he wants to discourage as many people as possible from getting into cannabis business.The cannabis businesses that are already in place will be able to solidify their bases with Harper blessings,hence excluding even more people from businesss oppportunities.All the special aspects and requirements to grow will exclude the small scale entrepreneurs from entering the trade.Cannabis dispensaries that once boasted being on the side of their patients will become inhumane and greedy distribution center geared for making maximum profit at the lowest production cost possible.

  3. Anonymous on

    Some places up north or in NFLD may even pay higher prices(like$20.00) per gram… Some places are considerably less (like $7) What I’d like to know, is when will my Blue Cross cover Med-Pot???

  4. Anonymous on

    Street value in Nova Scotia is $10.00 per gram or 5 for $40 in most places.