Holder Says Administration Will Announce Marijuana Policy Soon

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will announce “relatively soon” its policy on recently passed state measures legalizing the use of marijuana.

“There is a tension between federal law and these state laws,” Holder said in response to questions after a speech at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. “I would expect the policy pronouncement that we’re going to make will be done relatively soon.”

Voters in Washington and Colorado on Nov. 6 approved ballot proposals legalizing possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.

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  1. gstlab3 on

    Pleas help me make the true dangers of these anti depressant and other ssri drugs made public to the media in the United States.

  2. gstlab3 on

    Any outside forces that can help me raise the issues concerning the dangers of ssri drugs and violent psychosis please help me get the word out to the United States as fast as you can.

    There’s been another mass shooting ans ssri drugs are to blame.

  3. Anonymous UK on

    If Holder announces that the feds will respect state law it will do them good. They can still do all the work they do now in Washington and Colorado but they will not need to arrest unless state law has been broken. If anything they will potentially have more work to do. So the message should be – come in feds and check the compliance but don’t arrest unless you can prove state law has been broken. If federal government don’t choose this easy way out then they really do face many people loosing jobs and calls for recrimination against them.

    As the rest of you have said I just don’t know how stupid and mean Holder, Obama et al really are !

  4. Anonymous on

    I agree with you Dirty Harry. I believe we should be preparing for a all out war against the federal goverment. They’ve outgrown their big boy shorts and it is time we the people show them who is boss 😀 Who is with me?

  5. Pierre Noel on

    Obama is a very pragmatic man; I’d be surprised if he would try to overrule or nullify the will of the voters. Just a few numbers as a reminder:
    Alcohol related deaths per year in the US:
    43,400 traffic fatalities
    60,000 health related
    Prescription drug deaths:
    25,000 from overdose
    100,000 from side effects
    Tobacco related deaths per year:
    A total of roughly 670,000 deaths per year from drugs that not only are legal but are distributed by the government.
    Deaths from Marijuana: ZERO
    So the logical conclusion would be that Alcohol, Tobacco and prescription drugs are illegal and Marijuana is not. Shows you how screwed up our politicians are being under the relentless pressure from the pharma-, tobacco- and liquor

  6. Anonymous on

    Until Americans get rid of the two-party system and elect Green Party progressives at all levels of government, you will always have the DEA, the military-industrial complex, the banksters, the greedheads, the polluters, the earth rapers, the corrupt politicians in charge of America, stealing freedom. All plants should be legal, and marijuana was legal until 1937. Until all plants are again legal, the USA is just a fascist dictatorship, regardless of whether it’s GOP or Dems in power.

  7. Dirty Harry on

    We are not being pessimistic or scared, we are being real. On this issue, the Fed is acting like a dictator. We all know what happens when the people rise against the will of a dictator…all hell breaks loose and the fight is on. You think he is going to come out and say, “The people were right, we were wrong, but we can change…”? I don’t think so. To keep power, at times you must flex that power. I hope I am wrong.

  8. Dirty Harry on

    With all the hollow point ammunition bought up by DHS in the past, they may be issuing gear and getting the DEA tanks ready. I can see the “announcement” happening at the same time as they show their reaction to this and their counter action to it. Obama needs another conflict to distract the people from this failing economy.

  9. Av Green on

    I’m am extremely disappointed by all the pessimism on here. Lets take a step back and take a close look at our selves. Is this all we are? A bunch of helpless, paranoid, scared, pessimistic whiners? Did marijuana make you that way? I don’t think so. I sure did not have that kind of effect on me. Just keep In mind one thing – until marijuana is as legal as aspirin, WE ARE SOLDIERS! How did we get this far – 18 states passed medical mj laws, and growing? By whining and being scared and afraid? NO! This is no time to give up now. Your pessimism doesn’t help anyone! If you have nothing positive to say- crawl back into your hole.

    Here is my optimistic view on this subject. The announcement, once it comes, will be a positive one. It may be re-scheduled froma schedule one drug. This makes the most sense, since by now it is obvious that mj does have medicinal use, and Obama is not GW Bush. He is not stupid. He is for common sense. So please, no matter what happens, don’t show your fear to the govrnment, and to the rest of the world. It makes us look weak.

  10. Anonymous on

    Whatever they decide will not be good, when has the people in the white house ever truly taken into consideration, the will of the little man in this country? They work for corporate interests and nothing else. They are going to stomp all over voters rights in both states and you fools are excited about what they are going to say? Now is the time to get ready for a fight, not celebration!

  11. lokie on

    all they would need to do is reschedule pot. It is not as dangerous as fuckin heroin. yet cocain and pcp are schedule 2? what the fuck?

  12. bb54 on

    When you think about it,it is really pathetic to witness this whole affair.In front of the world.The President of the United States AGAINST The People of the United States.I only have one thought: Its a FUCKING WORLD WE LIVE IN.No matter how you look at it. All this fucking nonsense show of force for what ? A plant.A simple plant.A weed that grows everywhere.And there is a WAR going on for A PLANT ?

  13. Anonymous on

    Wouldn’t it be a nice dream if they would announce that marijuana is fully legal in all states END PROHIBITION PLEASE!!!!!

  14. Anonymous on

    “insurgents” a made up word that allows anyone to be an enemy at anytime.

  15. Anonymous on

    After what has happened the feds or the state will never be able to control personal
    use marijuana in these states… its been a unwritten rule in wa for years do not pronounce yourself you wont be arrested (Seattle Area) …. cops never cared too much now its just official. I’m glad we are done listening to lies and improperly locking up minorities for this plant.

  16. Tony Aroma on

    “Pronouncement,” not “announcement.” That doesn’t bode well for the will of the voters.

  17. Anonymous on

    So when are thousands of Americans going to light up outside of the White House?

  18. Anonymous on

    They can’t make marijuana illegal in Colorado. Feds don’t have that power. All the Feds could do is come to Colorado, with no help from our Sheriffs since our state law says it is legal, and arrest an individual or dispensary. This would be an incredible waste of their time. It will always be legal in Colorado for an adult 21 years or older to grow a few plants and smoke their lid without any state interference.

  19. Anonymous on

    I must admit when I landed on the article, I got a momentary happy emotional smile to the upcoming announcement..but then I realized we are fighting an uphill battle 70+ years in the making..and they will have to pull my vaporizer from my cold dead hands!!;0)

    Kindred Spirit

  20. Anonymous on

    Soon we will see if Obama sides with the will of Americans or continues his protection of the drug cartels with prohibition. If he attacks the Americans he is as dumb as a rock because the democrats will take a beating from now on like they have never seen before.

  21. bhonze on

    Are they going to legalize? What do they mean new policy? The people have spoken; New Poicy: Legal in WA and CO! Case Closed.

  22. Teppy1954 on

    For Cannabis it has always been a never ending downward spiral, in law terms anyway and to the gullible mob. Some people began to see the benefits of Cannabis for its use as oil for fuel or pulp for paper and medicines, textiles, rope and plastics and it was too easy for these magnates that had their own way of producing these materials to use the psychoactive features of Cannabis as an excuse to incriminate it.

    In the 19th century, despite attempts to create cannabis tinctures as painkillers, hashish became confused with opium, with addiction, and with the Orient. It became a symbol of the foreigner, and was demonised as a way of suppressing ethnic minorities. 20th-century drug law in the US reflected white fears of non-white minorities, particularly the Chinese, African-Americans and Mexicans.

    In the 1920s a Canadian feminist Emily F. Murphy who wrote under the pseudonym Janey Canuck daughter and granddaughter to politicians and newspaper proprietors who later married a priest and started fighting for women’s rights and enfranchisement. She was a very influential person and when asked to write about Canada’s drug problem for Maclean’s magazine, she wrote of “an addict who dies this year in british colombia, who told how he was frequently jeered at as a ‘white man accounted for.’ This man belonged to a prominent family… and used to relate how the Chinese pedlars taunted him with their superiority at being able to sell the dope without using it, and by telling him how the yellow race will rule the world.” She added “Some of the Negroes coming into Canada – and they are no fiddle faddle fallows either – have similar ideas, one of their greatest writers has boasted how ultimately they will control the white men.” The identity of the great black writer is open to conjecture.

    Everything Murphy wrote about marijuana, which was virtually unheard of in Canada at the time, was hearsay. “Persons using marijuana, smoke the dried leaves of the plant, which has the effect of driving them completely insane. The addict loses all sense of moral responsibility. Addicts to this drug, while under the influence , are immune to pain, becoming raving maniacs, and are liable to kill or indulge in any form of violence to other persons.”

    As a result drug users who had previously been regarded at worst as degenerate, were now classed as dangerous public enemies.

    It was seriously believed that the black population was conspiring with the Chinese in order to rape and enslave white girls seduced with marijuana, uniting in popular consciousness the unholy trinity of sex, drugs and violence: the period of “Reefer Madness” and hysterical fears of drug-crazed abandon. Such scaremongering grew more and more absurd, and in one case cannabis was blamed for a plague of vampires. An “expert” witness in pharmacology testified at a trial in 1938: “After two puffs on a marijuana cigarette, I was turned into a bat”.

    Lets not forget Harry J. Anslinger who with the FBN brought about the Marijuana Tax act of 1937.

    In short, every argument against cannabis legality has either been found to be untrue or patently racially biased. My only concern for the eventual legalization of cannabis in the US, does come from a racial standpoint, and that is, Mr. Obama as an African American, may not wish to be seen as the “Black Man” who legalized pot.

  23. Anonymous on

    Today i would like to announce a new campaign of drone bombing the hell out of the insurgents in Washington and Colorado…
    We have not ruled out the need for decisive military actions…

  24. bb54 on

    Well Well Well I hope Coloradans and Washingtonians have enjoyed the little time when marijuana was legal for I say that is all they will get.Well at least we will be able to tell our grandchildren that pot was once legal in America around 2012 for something like a month time. That was so predictable really what do you think ? The Feds wont do anything ? You ought to be out of your mind if you do !Live and lets see.

  25. bb54 on

    Ho Ho Here comes trouble…

  26. Anonymous on

    Wow, I just felt the simultaneous tightening of my solar plexus and sphincter. Anybody else just get a bit nervous?