Let’s Make Obama Regret His War on Weed

Barack Obama has pissed off the stoners again. He always does. In 2009 a question about marijuana legalization made him laugh, a hard to miss sign that he didn’t take the issue seriously. Worse than laughter has been his DEA, and its increasingly heavy-handed war on legal marijuana dispensaries. Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Washington, his Department of Justice is weighing its options, and, reportedly, none of their options seem to be “just let people smoke their marijuana, because it’s harmless.”

Instead the feds are either looking to have a judge declare the state regulations invalid, or are out to browbeat states into recriminalizing the demon weed by withholding federal money. (A similar strategy got the drinking age raised to 21 in every state, though it required legislation.)

Andrew Sullivan is not thrilled. There is some talk of “giving them hell.”

Libertarians have been mocking the liberal Obama supporters dumb enough to think the president secretly supported legalization, but most of the liberals I know have always been aware that the president’s been awful on drug war issues. We just hoped he’d be persuadable, or susceptible to pressure.

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  1. gutrod on

    His legacy will be that he imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Americans for victimless crimes as well as turning a blind eye to thousands of Mexicans being slaughtered by American supplied weapons. Will the war on drugs go down as the longest in history with marijuana laws based on some of biggest lies in the history of mankind.

  2. albinorat on

    Barrack Hussein Obama is an enemy to a free Republic, he is like a magician, showing something in one hand (hey look)and hiding something in the other, makes you wonder what he’s hiding.

  3. Anonymous on

    All the world over,leaders of every country are waging an unjust war on pot people.This war is non-stop despite the will of thew people to make this war stops.Force is to admit that the democracy in the world does not exist regarding marijuana.Leaders have been elected by the people and should work with the people not against them.Leaders are committed to maintain in place a prohibition system that simply does not work and has killed countless individuals.Despite being told by science experts and other experts in other fields that prohibition does not work,the leaders persist in continuing this war against nature.I am always wondering why people get involved in politics to make it a lifelong career and persist in not listening to what the people want.When sufficient people will realize this,they will make a revolution and replace the present leaders with people who will govern and listen to what the population has to say.

  4. moldy on

    I think that Obama was sucking up to LE for his disaster with Fast and Furious when busting so many dispensaries in the last two years. What did that do? Well, it showed enough people in a few states that if they don’t grab the wheel and get it legalized for all that feds were going to abolish MMJ once and for all. So, by legalizing weed in 2 states they are making him pay for all of the hell he put MMJ through in CA, WA, Co, and other states.

  5. Anonymous UK on

    I have had friends and family members that have died because of this stupid drug war that makes no progress and costs a fortune.
    People have died because we lie about drugs – saying alcohol is OK and cannabis is not when the opposite is true.
    People suffer and die because they have a medical condition such as cancer that could be helped by the appropriate cannabis medicine.

    I don’t like to use profane language but “F**K YOU ! Mr Obama – you heartless coward”
    (Sorry but I had to say it)

  6. Anonymous on

    If Americans start playing yo-yo with such an important issue as the legality of marijuana,it will not be well received in the rest of the world.It is not because one of the effect of marijuana is to make you laugh,that the issue itself is laughable.Either,it is legal or it is not,but as we learned in modern mathematics, it cannot be both.Marijuana legalization is well alive in Colorado and Washington but so too are all the prohibitionists.Obama is not happy about marijuana legalization and it shows.What this prooves is the following: Prohibition as an industry is not about to disappear in America.Way too many people earn their living from the prohibition.Because marijuana was made illegal in the 30’s it is now inpossible to turn the clocks back.

  7. Anonymous on

    Subject: Leader Cannabis Liars Prosecution is the Only Hope for a Healthy Financial Future!
    Subject: The Cov·e·nant of Self-Evident Truth is Broken Judg·ment is at Hand!

    Hantavirus, Plague & West Nile: Are Animal-Borne Diseases on the Rise? Got Cannabis?
    This message is to sound the alarm that the phase of attack on the citizens has reached a critical time requiring immediate action by all able parties. Efficient use of collective energy would seem to be the collection of petitioners for the FEDERAL TORT CLAIM ACTION and recreation of the government as truly necessary via a new constitutional convention.

    In closing — We are fighting a sophisticated very effective weapon and our educated government has committed the worst crime in living history.

    Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 3:33 AM
    Subject: The Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, for the first time, gave American citizens the right to sue the federal government

    1. The primary reason for this communication was to create an awareness of the methods of omission used by all parties in this great crime against humanity itself. Now if you look closely you will not find the mentioning of powerful antibiotic actions of marijuana nor will you find the mentioning of the Lyme plague (Lyme disease primarily is treated with powerful antibiotics ) which was so disturbing to myself — you the reader are being directed to these specific omitted facts with all the background provided.
    2. Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.
    3. Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa
    4. The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The email sent out by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.
    5. Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime.

    January 4, 2012 at 8:44 am

    What is required for people to come together consciously for their own benefit. Ano Ano: The Seed–The Classic Trilogy by Kristin Zambucka enlightens the audience to the core wisdoms of Hawaiian Spiritual Traditions. The title is quite fitting for the circumstance of present and the forum for the discussion as the consequence of a citizens incarceration for providing the greatest wisdom for increasing joy and comfort during the passage of birth old age sickness and death will be embraced within an appropriate consequence in time.

    Hence a great consideration to understand our collective situation is of the highest priority. Marc Scott Emery brings the wisdom of the seed. Jesse Ventura provides the clarity of the unlawful biological war used against North America in the Plum Island Conspiracy via TRUtv along with the Independent movie “Under Our Skin” showing the horrors and criminal results of this very sophisticated organic weapon empowered by the Marijuana prohibition.

    Thus the question of personal self respect and positions of response are forced upon collective society who choose to fight for any intelligent right to life.

    How ironic and necessary is it that the Cannabis Culture Crew is thurst into the position to play Citizen Cop to fix the greatest crime in our living history.

    In Western society we use money to reflect values — where is the money supporting intelligent living citizens prosecuting left over Hitler assassin doctors working for a captured administration?

    Thank You for tolerating the wrath of Heaven on Earth during the necessary judgment action.