Czech Parliament Lower House Approves Medical Marijuana

The lower house of the Czech Republic parliament has approved legislation to make use of marijuana for medical purposes legal in that country.

While the bill still needs the approval by parliament’s upper house, it is noted that the marijuana would be imported and later grown by registered firms licensed for such activity, which is currently illegal in Czech Republic.

Pavel Bern, one of a group of deputies who created the bill, told Reuters, “The point of the proposal is to make medical marijuana accessible to patients that need it and that already use it today, even when it is against the law.”

Patients will require a prescription from a medical doctor in order to get the drug at pharmacies. However, the treatment will not be covered by health insurance, and patients will not be allowed to grow marijuana at home.

People in Czech Republic are reportedly allowed to possess and consume small amounts of marijuana, with possession of less than 15 grammes of marijuana being currently legal.

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