Clinton: Drug War ‘Hasn’t Worked’

Former President Bill Clinton says in a new documentary that his administration’s attempts to limit drug trafficking from Colombia “hasn’t worked.”

Clinton joined other world leaders — including former President Jimmy Carter — in filmmaker Sam Branson’s new documentary “Breaking the Taboo,” which premiered Thursday at New York’s Google headquarters and charges that the global war on drugs is a failure.

“What I tried to do was to focus on every aspect of the problem. I tried to empower the Colombians for example to do more militarily and police-wise because I thought that they had to. Thirty percent of their country was in the hands of the narcotraffickers,” Clinton says in the film, which is available free online.

In the film, narrator Morgan Freeman says “the U.S. spent billions of dollars funding military operations” in Colombia to cut of cocaine coming into America.

Clinton later says: “Well obviously if the expected results was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narcotrafficking networks – it hasn’t worked.”

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  1. Dave on

    Bill says, “obviously if the expected results were to eliminate dangerous drug use in America and to eliminate the narco-trafficking networks, it hasn’t worked!”. Ok Billy tell us the truth now, “what was the expected result of Plan Columbia?”

    And Billy if you’re sincere then, where is your atonement through a call for release, amnesty and reparations?

    Worse yet, now it seems the Russians want in on the tactic.

    If my senses don’t deceive me then something funny is going on around there!

  2. Anonymous on

    I personally believe the governments of the world greatest hope is to do a silent reversal of the law thus leaving no definitive date in the history books to allow future generations to know the rule of law can be challenged and changed. The world you where born in if you loathe one particular aspect, it doesn’t have to stand. Who is anyone to deny another the power of choice ?

  3. Anonymous on

    …we will come up with a way to knock their teeth out of their head.

  4. Anonymous on

    obama is waiting for the right time. I suspect something will be said during his inauguration. Hopefully he says what we all want to hear: the drug war has failed and tonight everyone spark up!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymousperson on

    The feds are going to come up with a way to keep marijuana completely illegal. They have been quiet too long.

  6. Ozlanthos on

    One great thing Clinton did was pay the Taliban to get rid of the opium in Afghanistan. In the last couple years of Clinton’s second term, Taliban managed to cut the opium output of Afghanistan by 80%! Too bad 9/11 happened. Less than 2 years later the Taliban is our enemy, and Afghanistan is back to producing 80% of the world’s opium….


  7. Anonymous on

    right, because it was working 10, 20, 30 years ago…

  8. TheOracle on

    Thanks, Bill.

    It’s too bad that at the time you were president that the circumstances were not what they are today. is reporting that a well known Dutch jurist claims to have found a way to tax and regulate cannabis cultivation and sales legally within international treaties. If he has solved the Dutch coffeeshop system’s backdoor problem, then the structure and legalize could be copied worldwide, and out the window goes the excuse that we can’t legalize because it’s against international treaty.

    All you have to do is do a web search with the terms Ybo Buruma and the result will be the article currently on page 2 of the web site. The link there will take you to the full article on the web site.

    It’s worth looking into to avoid all the trouble of herding the international prohibitionist cats to kiss their butts to get them to change the laws quickly. Right now, Jeff Dhywood is telling me that the international bodies are shooting for 2016 but are willing to get started in 2013. That’s too long a time line. The momentum is NOW!

    Please check it out. You have to know Dutch. I’m not inclined to translate and report on it myself, although I know Dutch, as I have another line of work to pay the bills…although for more $ I’d gladly trade up from my current day job to a better one. I’m a long-time advocate of legalizing/taxing and regulating cannabis and having it traded in U.S. dollars as a commodity on the world stock exchanges. Feel free to consult NORML, MPP and DPA about my by the information you have on me. Cannabis Culture, you have my permission to do that.

  9. gutrod on

    The war on drugs is a huge waste of money, not to mention immoral. 100% overhead to the majority of people who have to pay for it. Richard Nixon is pure evil. Just ask the Mexicans.