N.J.’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensed in Montclair Compassion Center

The Garden State has gone to pot: New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary sold its first sack of weed Thursday in Montclair.

Around 20 registered patients had appointments at the Greenleaf Compassion Center to meet with staff and choose from three strains of wacky tobacky the day of the grand opening, the Star-Ledger reported.

Three people — all apparently patients — entered the dispensary by 11 a.m. but did not speak to reporters.

The patients will be limited to purchasing a half-ounce of reefer during their first visit because of limited supplies, according to the paper.

Greenleaf president Joseph Stevens said “everything’s been going great” as he greeted his third client.

– Read the entire article at New York Daily News.



  1. TheOracle on

    This is great! Congratulations, New Jersey!

    On a related note, I just read at coffeeshopnieuws.nl which takes you to a link at metronieuws.nl that Prague has legalized medical marijuana.

    Also, they have a link to how some Europeans want to help solve their economic crisis by legalizing cannabis.

    And, Breaking the Taboo (the film) in now on YouTube.