Canadian Doctors Hesitant to Be Pot ‘Gatekeepers’

Doctors in Canada are so skittish about the medical use of marijuana that a third of MDs who have been asked to endorse a patient’s access to the drug never agree to it, a Canadian Medical Association survey suggests.

Another 25 per cent of doctors who responded to the survey said they would “seldom” be willing to support a patient’s access to medicinal pot; 64 per cent are worried that patients who request medical marijuana may only want it to get high.

The results come as Health Canada prepares to publish proposed new regulations to its medical marijuana access program that could make doctors the sole “gatekeepers” to the drug.

The federal agency has proposed removing itself as the ultimate arbiter in approving or rejecting applications to possess pot for medical purposes. Instead, doctors alone would approve such requests.

– Read the entire article at The Vancouver Sun.



  1. Anonymous on

    Watch “Compassion In Crisis” on for all info including growing 1-5 plants.

  2. Anonymous on

    I am a stay at home dad. I have a federal license to grow and posses medical marihuana in Canada. Six months ago my neighbors were losing their house to foreclosure. So they ratted us out to the police and child services thinking they would get a reward. it was extremely stressfully, But I allowed them to do an inspection, my setup was completely leagal and the local police refused to help them take my kids. child services made us get our children’s blood, urine and lungs tested, and chest X-rays.(my doctor said they violated my kids civil rights and were looking into this at the moment.)
    After all the tests came back with good results child services decided to subsidize my day care for the next year full time. Thanks for the 17,000 dollars Harper

  3. Anonymous on

    I would grow however many you need for medical reasons and let the courts figure it out if anything bad ever happened (not likely though). If you are very concerned, then grow 5, as that falls under the mandatory sentencing limit, and as such it is up to the judges discretion.

  4. Anonymous on

    I am in the same case as you.Waiting for much too long to find a doctor who will sign.Do you seriously believe I am still waiting ?

  5. Anonymous on

    To the Dad above.. i just went threw the process and can help. Can you please confirm u have seen a specialist? What is the root cause of your pain?

  6. Anonymous on

    Sorry for this off topic post, but I would really like to hear some thoughts, or better yet facts, about a question.

    I understand that now in Canada, thanks to a wonderful Prime Minister, that growing 6 plants gets you 6 month.

    But… what about 1 plant?

    I simply can’t get my mmar, and can’t figure out how to navigate through this doctor mess. I’m so upset with them and how ignorant they are. Been waiting for the mernag case for way too long. Now Im wondering what the punishment could be for growing one autoflower for some meds. I am a family man, but I’m better father when not in pain. Just looking for the information to be able to weigh the pros/cons of growing a single plant, or whether to keep buy quarters from scum bags.

    Really really hope someone can reply with info or link. I want to know what the punishment is to then decide if it is worth the risk.

  7. Anonymous on

    You don’t use or grow marijuana, so what difference does it make what you think? You obviously are prejudiced against people who love marijuana, who are into psychedlia, who are into counterculture. who are hip. Medical shcmedical. All use is “medical,” and nobody has to conform to your priggish vision of what marijuana people should look like or be. The problem with marijuana is the drug warriors, not those of us who use it. You are not a marijuana person, so I doubt the intentions and veracity of everything you say. If you don’t like marijuana culture, stay off this website.

  8. Anonymous UK on

    Medical marijuana has a confused image. Many dispensaries have a serious image but often the trappings of stoner culture can be found (especially on internet sites). An event like the Hight Times Medical Cup sends out all the wrong signals: It has the psychedelic party atmosphere, loud music and people sharing joints, bongs and vaporisers. A format that is well know from the 60s counter-culture (acid tests, human be in, woodstock etc) onwards. This all has a place but to gain credibility medical marijuana needs to get a serious (boring) side that focuses on healing, pain relief and looks medical in nature – so none of the above features.

    I am an ex smoker but I begrudge no one enjoyment from marijuana (even if it is their medicine). I cringe when I see some of the so-called medical stuff on the internet because it is doing a great dis-service towards getting proper medical products available to all. You can enjoy marijuana quietly with a little jazz or classical music and a good book – you don’t have to turn your life into a non-stop hippy frat party.

  9. Anonymous on

    Can anybody please shed some light on any implications this may possibly have regarding the whole Mernagh case? Is this just putting us back to square one?

  10. Spoiled Sport on

    Another confirmation that Harper is sticking to his dogmatic ideology instead of listening to what the people want. The doctors are having a hard enough time adhering to their Hippocratic Oath without the conflict of a drug they have little knowledge about because the government won’t allow proper experimentation because the results would likely oppose this governments ideology. Harper is an enemy to scientific thought.