CBS Poll Has Support for Marijuana Legalization at All-Time High

A CBS News poll released this week has support for marijuana legalization at an all-time high, with as many Americans now saying it should be legal as saying it should not. Some 47% of respondents said it should be legal, while another 47% were opposed.

This poll marks the first time a CBS News poll has shown as much support for legalization as there is opposition. And the number favoring legalization has climbed two points since CBS last asked the question in September, while the number opposing it has declined by two points.

The poll is in line with a growing number of polls in the last couple of years that show marijuana legalization hovering on the cusp of majority support. A Gallup poll last year had support at 50%, while an Angus-Reid poll this week had support at 54%.

And in what could be a warning signal to Washington, the poll found that 59% thought states should determine whether marijuana should be legal, while only 34% thought the federal government should.

Pot legalization had majority support among independents (55%) and Democrats (51%), but not Republicans (27%). It had majority support among young people (18-to-29, 54%; 30-to-44, 53%), but not among the middle aged (46%) or those 65 and older (30%). The poll did not provide a breakdown by gender.

The poll also found overwhelming support for medical marijuana (83%), even though only 29% thought most medical marijuana "is being used to alleviate suffering from serious illnesses."

The poll was conducted November 16-19 with 1,100 respondents using both land lines and cell phones. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%.

– Article originally from Stop the Drug War, used with permission.



  1. Anonymous on

    Vote the bastards out.

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Will the percentage for legalization increase the closer the U.S. gets to going over the fiscal cliff? Probably, as many people say fuckit just legalize, we need the money. They’ll put their moral superiority aside to reduce how much they have to shell out in taxes. Jim Cramer, investment guru on tv, has already said that if there is no agreement to avert going off the fiscal cliff, employers already have lists of people who are to be laid off or fired on January 2, 2013. Someone just has to speak up in Congress. Who has the balls?!

    When will the mainstream media, network tv channels, latch onto this and not let go? Let’s go!

  3. Anonymous on

    Frank what’s up with a no confidence vote I know it’s like 4 or six years till the next federal election in Canada but if you can get enough signatures can’t there be a no confidence vote?

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  5. Anonymous UK on

    At least you have polls about legalisation. I live in the UK and there is no majority and no polls but then again we have very few cannabis users. Most people who have any contact with it smoke a cannabis and tobacco mixture – usually with far more tobacco than cannabis. Consequently cannabis is seen in a very different way since the mixture has many more negative effects (such as addiction, lung damage, paranoia and sickness) than in countries where it is not mixed with tobacco. We have a long way to go and I don’t think we will ever get there until countries like the US and Canada legalise. I’m hoping Spain will legalise because that’s where many British people go on vacation and we may bring this habit home with us from vacation (as we have done with many other things).
    I love this site and POT TV and I have followed the story of Marc, Jodi, Marijuana Man and others for years. When I show UK cannabis users something like “Under the influence” they consider the behaviour extreme and very unhealthy – they don’t even realise the 20 cannabis laced cigarettes they smoke a day are far worse for them and less enjoyable. I used to smoke about 8 years ago then gave up tobacco and gave up smoking cannabis a year later. I would really like to see non-smoking cannabis products sweep the market under legalisation then the UK may change.

  6. Anonymous on

    If everyone who supports legal weed would stand on the court square of their town with legalize it signs than the goverment would have no choice but to make marijuana legal. People need to be open about they feel towards marijuana and fight for it.

  7. Anonymous on

    Don’t cross your fingers, fight for it to be legal! Otherwise the goverment will not listen.

  8. frankgrimes78 on

    In Canada we decriminalized it a while back, have a very difficult to access medical system a nd now to top it off our newly elected federal conservatives made a bill calling for manditory sentences!Even though more than half our country supports legal sale and taxation.We’ll just cross our fingers that both our federal governments listen to what the people want.