Private Prison Company Used in Drug Raids at Public High School

In Arizona an unsettling trend appears to be underway: the use of private prison employees in law enforcement operations.

The state has graced national headlines in recent years as the result of its cozy relationship with the for-profit prison industry. Such controversies have included the role of private prison corporations in SB 1070 and similar anti-immigrant legislation disseminated in other states; a 2010 private prison escape that resulted in two murders and a nationwide manhunt; and a failed bid to privatize nearly the entire Arizona prison system.

And now, recent events in the central Arizona town of Casa Grande show the hand of private corrections corporations reaching into the classroom, assisting local law enforcement agencies in drug raids at public schools.

Trick or Treat

At 9 a.m. on the morning of October 31, 2012, students at Vista Grande High School in Casa Grande were settling in to their daily routine when something unusual occurred.

Vista Grande High School Principal Tim Hamilton ordered the school — with a student population of 1,776 — on “lock down,” kicking off the first “drug sweep” in the school’s four-year history. According to Hamilton, “lock down” is a state in which, “everybody is locked in the room they are in, and nobody leaves — nobody leaves the school, nobody comes into the school.

“Everybody is locked in, and then they bring the dogs in, and they are teamed with an administrator and go in and out of classrooms. They go to a classroom and they have the kids come out and line up against a wall. The dog goes in and they close the door behind, and then the dog does its thing, and if it gets a hit, it sits on a bag and won’t move.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    use pot oil it’ll stay around

  2. Anonymous on

    Let’s get these guys attention and tell them that trampling our children’s constitutional rights to catch a whopping there student out of almost 1000 which is way less than 1% of the student body is not something we support or condone!

    CTDS: 11-05-02-000 Entity ID: 4453
    Entity Type: School District – High School Entity Nature: Administrative Office
    County: Pinal Grades Served: 9-12, US
    Mailing Address: 1362 N. Casa Grande Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85222
    Physical Location: 2730 N. Trekell Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85222
    Phone: (520) 836-8500 Fax: (520) 316-3353
    Superintendent: Shannon Goodsell   (520) 316-3301  [email protected]
    Principal: Christian Paulson   (520) 836-8500  [email protected]
    SPED Director: Lorie Gerkey   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    SDER: Mary Rosenbam   (520) 316-3301  [email protected]
    Business Manager: Terry Quest   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    ADM: Robert Amado   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Grant Contact: Robert Amado   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Lorie Gerkey   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Amy Chayefsky   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Terry Quest   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Cate Beech   (520) 876-0661  [email protected]
    Leilani Williamson   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Crystal Danzy   (520) 316-3361  [email protected]
    Melani Edwards   (520) 836-8500  [email protected]
    Glenda Sulley   (520) 876-9400  [email protected]
    Eva Steinhoff   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    School Nutrition Programs: Robert Amado   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Beverly Wells   (520) 836-8500  [email protected]
    Mary Rosenbam   (520) 316-3301  [email protected]
    Dave Griffis   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Dolores Battraw   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Anna Salazar   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Tim Hamilton   (520) 876-9400  [email protected]
    Beverly Wells   (520) 836-8500  [email protected]
    Amy Chayefsky   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Terry Quest   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Mary Ann Amerson   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Leilani Williamson   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Maria Sapelli     [email protected]
    Human Resources Director: Mary Ann Amerson   (520) 316-3360  [email protected]
    Test Coordinator: Bud Daniels   (520) 316-3361  [email protected]

  3. Anonymous on

    Due to this blatant disregard for the constitution of Arizona and the united states of America which guarantee a person shall not be searched without probable cause I have decided to DOX the Casa grande high school principal as well as the superintendent of the Casa grande school district let’s inundate these administrators with phone calls and emails expressing our disgust in their blatant disregard for their students rights under the constitution of Arizona and the USA.

    Tim Hamilton (520)-876-9400 x4101
    [email protected]
    Dr. Shannon Goodsell (520)-316-3360
    [email protected]

    Governing board members

    Corey Means President
    [email protected]


    Donna Zimmerman
    [email protected]

    Scott Lehman
    [email protected]

    Wes Mitchell
    [email protected]

    Joe Ortiz
    [email protected]

  4. Anonymous on

    Whose idea was this?

  5. Anonymous on

    Take some good weed and turn it to dust.
    Take it to school and spread it everywhere, especially in the office and teachers lounge. This will stop the dogs in their tracts and end the Nazi bullsht.

  6. Anonymous on

    about a year ago i had a similar experience at my high school. it just so happened i had a “special” hollowed out pen witch i had just placed a recently bought joint. when we were called out to line up in the hallways i casually threw the pen in the trash can that was by the door. after the search i waited till class was over and i just casually reached in a grabbed my pen and walked off. you just gotta be smart now a days. this is defiantly not 76 at Lee High School….saddly

  7. gutrod on

    What next. American style justice is right here in Canada. It’s just a matter of time before the Harper government unleashes his hired guns to stomp freedom in Canada. We are pretty much a police state right now. The cops and government have unlimited powers. Teenagers rebelling and experimenting with drugs. Nothing new. The 60’s and 70’s had plenty of it and most of those people are doing quite fine now and didn’t end up junkies living on the street. Marijuana the gateway drug. LoL, give me a break.

  8. Anonymous on

    That picture is not from that event. that event is old Who ever wrote this article is a fucking liar fake fraud stop trying to scare people you fucking twit.

  9. bhonze on

    THESE ARE JUST WANT TO BE RENT-A-COPS!!! They were Bullied all threw school now it’s REVENGE TIME!

  10. Anonymous on

    Can’t wait for private prison companies to start opening private schools.

  11. Anonymous on

    School… I used to liken schools to prisons. 😛 How long before they come take your kids away at 5 years old and put them in a “school” for 12 years with no chance of escape till they “graduate”?

  12. Anonymous on

    we are now in a police state, next people will start disapearing when they criticise the government

  13. Anonymous on

    It would be really easy to plant evidence on a innocent high schooler. Maybe someone should speak up against this?