Bill C-10 Hit With Legal Challenges By Quebec Bar Association

The Quebec Bar Association has launched a legal challenge against parts of the federal Conservatives’ law-and-order agenda.

In a case that could ultimately find itself before the Supreme Court, the association has filed a motion in Quebec Superior Court seeking to strike down sections of Bill C-10.

The targeted sections involve so-called mandatory minimums — penalties that set minimum sentences and leave judges with little latitude if they want to convict someone and proffer a lesser punishment.

The bar association says that not only do mandatory minimums not wind up protecting the public but that they represent an unconstitutional interference from one branch of government, the legislature, in the business of another, the judiciary.

Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act, passed earlier this year despite resistance from some provincial governments who called its measures costly, ineffective and a recipe for prison overcrowding.

The omnibus bill sets mandatory minimums for child exploitation and some major drug offences. It stemmed from older bills proposed by the Harper Tories and promised in their 2011 election platform.

The office of Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, responding to the bar association challenge, sent an email Tuesday saying the government firmly believes that mandatory minimums are justified for some infractions.

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  1. gutrod on

    I totally agree. Harper & his henchmen should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I forgot he not only made the laws he is the law. There’s a new sheriff in town. A page from an Eddie Murphy movie.

  2. gutrod on

    Sounds dangerous. I’ve never felt so safe in my life, living under a police state with archaic laws. What planet did Harper come from anyway? Somebody check him for a heartbeat.

  3. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    Can’t find the news source, but I was forwarded this article. This is how we get him out of office.

    Breaking news:
    New Elections Canada evidence confirms widespread voter fraud

    Evidence filed in the Federal Court today includes detailed accounts from voters targeted by fraudulent or harassing calls intended to discourage them from voting in 56 ridings across Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec (the ridings are listed below), likely in violation of the Canada Elections Act, reports the …
    Council of Canadians.

    “This new and compelling evidence should be of deep concern to all Canadians, regardless of political stripe,” says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians.

    The evidence includes voters in three of the six ridings where applicants are seeking to overturn the results in a court action that will be heard beginning December 10.

    The Information to Obtain Production Orders (ITO) from Elections Canada Investigators S. John B. Dickson and Andre Thouin, as well as an accompanying motion from the applicants, can be found at Direct links to the applicants’ motion are also included below, in three parts.

    Investigator Dickson writes that “if the calls were as reported by the complainants, the caller or the person or persons who caused the calls to be made … knew the information to be false and thereby did wilfully prevent or endeavour to prevent an elector from voting in an election” in violation of the Canada Elections Act.

    “This evidence confirms what the applicants have been saying all along – the voter suppression campaign was widespread and stretched far beyond the riding of Guelph,” says Garry Neil, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians, which is supporting the cases. “It also shows that more than a thousand Canadians came forward to Elections Canada, although many of them are reluctant to be named publicly.”

    Investigator Dickson writes about 279 complaints from the 36 ridings outside Quebec, although the data being sought through the ITO only concerns voters who were Shaw telephone subscribers, since Shaw has records about all calls made to its subscribers.

    Investigator Thouin’s ITO indicates there were 857 complaints in 20 ridings in Quebec from people who were Videotron subscribers. Investigator Dickson notes that 1,399 voters from 247 ridings complained of receiving misleading or harassing phone calls during the 2011 federal election, which Elections Canada is continuing to investigate.

    “It points to a widespread voter suppression campaign” said Barlow. “It is clear to us that the integrity of May 2011 election process, in at least the six ridings that are subject to the legal challenges, has been so compromised as to call into question the results.”


    The ridings identified as having complainants in the Elections Canada ITOs from Investigators Dickson and Thouin, included complaints of harassing or misleading calls (with a combination of live callers and robocalls) from 20 ridings in British Columbia, nine ridings in Alberta, five ridings in Manitoba, two ridings in Ontario, and 20 ridings in Quebec. Those highlighted are among the six ridings where the results have been challenged. The ITOs provide evidence of voter suppression from these witnesses in the following ridings:

    British Columbia

    West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky
    Vancouver Quadra
    Vancouver Island North
    Vancouver Centre
    Vancouver East
    Vancouver Kingsway
    South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale
    Saanich – Gulf Islands
    North Vancouver
    Nanaimo – Alberni
    Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission
    Kelowna – Lake Country
    Fleetwood–Port Kells
    Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
    Burnaby-New Westminster


    Edmonton-Spruce Grove
    Edmonton–Sherwood Park
    Edmonton East
    Edmonton St. Albert
    Calgary Northeast
    Calgary Centre
    Calgary Centre North


    Winnipeg Centre
    Winnipeg South Centre
    Winnipeg South
    Elmwood – Transcona
    Kildonan – St. Paul


    Sault Ste. Marie
    Haldimand – Norfolk


    Jeanne- Le Ber
    La Pointe-de-l’Île
    Laval–Les Îles

  4. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    They should stop wasting their time on the legislation that was illegally passed and concentrate on getting the asshole kicked out of office for election fraud. That would completely invalidate all their illegitimate legislation, all illegal secret treaties and all budgets that fuck the Canadian public trust and safety agencies. If the Crime Minister, the Ayatollah harper manages to stay in office after all ridings are contested, then move on to supreme court contests.

    There is more than enough evidence to have him ousted legally from office. harper cut the budget to Elections Canada to curtail investigations. He refuses to provide the RCMP with election materials and has delays put on court cases and has the courts demand unjustified fees to be put forward just to the complainants bring the matters to court in the first place. All of this points only to one thing — Nixon taught him well how to deceive the news media, the courts and the public. Anyone who tries that hard not to be investigated is hiding something. Anyone with nothing to hide would have already shown it.

    The opposition should stop pretending like the asshole actually has a legitimate mandate and start concentrating on treating him and his whole insane clown posse like the criminals that they are. Election fraud is a crime in this country and they deserve to be thrown into jail for those crimes and I consider the attempts to corrupt Canadian democracy to be an act of treason, which adds more charges to those that are already leveled against them.

  5. Larry J B on

    The Torrie’s are so out of touch with the Canadian people it’s unbelievable that they just keep making decisions that adults should be allowed to make for them self sensible BC has the ball rolling the right direction but we need a referendum nationally we need the right to vote on this issue as a country and going for one province as a decriminalization measure is like many have said before me a half measure. FREE MARC EMERY AND THE CANNABIS PLANT!

    This is a democracy right so we can all bitch an complain til our throats bleed but the only way we are going to defeat the fascist conservative regime to vote we can do this we are the majority the majority of Canadian didn’t even vote conservative we just couldn’t come to an agreement on what party was the best party we need to weigh the options next election an vote for the party that is going to follow through with our plan me make MAKE A BETTER STRONGER MORE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CANADA.

  6. Ivankov on

    Yea serious drug offenses like 6 cannabis plants.