Ottawa Stays One Toke Behind The Times

It may be old-fashioned paternalism or 21st{+-}century Conservative ideology. Either way, it’s clear our federal government is not on the same page as most Canadians when it comes to our marijuana laws.

While the rest of us seem to be leaning toward relaxing laws around marijuana, the federal government maintains a tough stance on weed.

A week ago, Forum Research polled 1,849 randomly selected people over the phone. Sixty-five per cent of those polled want to see our pot laws loosened; they favour either decriminalizing small amounts or legalizing and taxing marijuana. Only 17 per cent believe the current pot laws should remain and 15 per cent favour tougher laws.

A recent British Columbia report from Angus Reid pollsters indicated about 75 per cent support for decriminalizing marijuana use among adults. Earlier this month, voters in Washington state and Colorado voted in favour of decriminalizing pot.

A large part of the marijuana issue is economic. A recent study in B.C. estimated pot purchases in that province total about half a billion dollars every year. Data from Washington state, referenced in the B.C. study, suggested that if the state regulated the marijuana sector, it would bring in as much as $2.5 billion in taxes over a five-year period.

One school of thought suggests pot should be viewed in the same way we view alcohol and tobacco, both of which are strictly regulated and highly taxed.

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  1. Anon - Rob on

    great post , but it’s the “Conservative Regime of Stephen Harper” the Democracy has been removed. it will remain that way until Canadians fight for their government back.

    you know , the fight your fuc_kin forefathers fought and died for , so that the rest of you digalings just let Harper take.

  2. Anonymous on

    Your impression of being above the crowd and living in a canada fantasyland is at the image of the bluedream you smoke.While you are down why dont you speak to a person whos serving time in prison because of drug offenses.Youll see that Canada is not the blue country you are dreaming about and that there are people out there who really struggle hard to have marijuana legalized.Obviously,this is none of your concern.

  3. Redhead on

    Received some amazing blue dream in the mail which makes me not care if bud is legal or illegal in Canada its still the greatest country in the world. I use to order.

  4. Anonymous on

    Harper and the CONS just love waving their ‘We are Tough on Crime’ flag. I am sure this just makes them all just orgasmic (if this crew could be orgasmic). They are so full of all this we support our cops, and wage war on drugs. They are into the mindset that It is hippies and left wingers and socialists who use Cannabis and those types either don’t vote or vote NDP or Green.
    Lighten up on cannabis? Not while Harper is PM.

  5. Denis on

    I believe most politicians are vote driven so if potheads represent a minority of voters they will likely continue with the status quo. Remember the PC party merged with the Reform some time ago which brought many right wing religious people into the organisation. They believe in legislating morality so while the PC is in power do not expect any movement away from prohibition agendas.

  6. Anonymous on

    I think that the conservative government of Stephen Harper is in the history of Canada,the government that is the most disconnected from its population.Rather than travel all the times the world over,Mr.Harper should relax sometimes and read what is being written in the newspapers.If not with the magic of Internet,Mr.Harper could easily get informed of whats going on on the marijuana scene.It is not complicated.The same thing goes for rob nicholson,the minister of Justice.He should know whats in the news he should know that a majority of Canadians want decriminalize marijuana. No,on the contrary,those 2 persons like to see Canadian suffers,loose their properties,be on social welfare,be unemployed,they like to see Marc Emery in prison,they like to see the gangs control the traffic,they like it when there is more crime,they like it when they appear tough.They want to get rid of Canada of potheads and of those miserable guitar players and peace seeking activists.ITS NOT IN THEIR AGENDA TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.