Waiting For A Trudeau To Decriminalize Marijuana

Earlier this month, Washington and Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. One week later, Liberal Party of Canada leadership contender Justin Trudeau announced to a high school audience in Prince Edward Island that he is “a huge supporter of decriminalization” of marijuana. It’s a fantastic declaration and fits with the Liberal Party’s official platform position endorsing marijuana legalization.

For some people in the Canadian cannabis law reform movement, this was a surprise to hear – but encouraging. In 2009, Justin Trudeau voted in favour of Bill C-15, mandatory minimum prison sentences for pot, and has even recently made anti-marijuana comments, leaving many confused about where he stood on the issue.

The Young Liberals and other party members worked hard in recent years to get legalization successfully accepted into the party platform, and have no doubt been educating Trudeau about marijuana and prohibition. His decision to publicly endorse decriminalization and even legalization is exciting for activists across Canada.

Because of the perceived flip-flop by the likely Liberal Party leader, Canada’s conservative news network Sun TV invited me to talk about his shifting position. Sun TV is certainly no fan of the young leadership hopeful and described him as “wobbly” on the legalization issue.

I explained that Trudeau, and even Stephen Harper, would be wise to embrace the anti-prohibition message because a large majority of Canadians want marijuana to be legalized. Almost three-quarters of people 55 and older, an important voting demographic, want legalization or decriminalization. The people have spoken, and our politicians should listen.

In many ways, politicians are listening – and talking, too. The current federal Liberal Party interim leader Bob Rae has repeatedly denounced the drug war and supports the party’s legalization platform. The New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair is mostly silent on the issue, but the party has been working to end prohibition for many years and Mulcair knows it’s an important issue to many NDP members. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has always supported legalization and will no doubt continue to do so.

– Read the entire article at The Huffington Post.

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  1. gutrod on

    Canadians have already spoken on the issue of legalizing pot. We will continue to smoke pot regardless of any stupid laws drafted up by our dictatorial government with cement head mentalities. The civil liberties fight will continue and thank God the Emery’s will be there to lead the charge. We the people are behind Marc and Jodie, and we are in a fighting mood just like our friends south of us. Harper, wake up and smell the roses. We don’t want any more goofs making life decisions for us.

  2. gutrod on

    Politicians will say anything to attract votes. Trudeau is no exception. It is the same old song and dance. Meanwhile millions of Canadians will continue to break the laws which they know have no scientific creditability. One day we will have a P.M. for the people. Patience.

  3. Brian Kerr on

    Using drugs is a human right.
    Justin stood up in Parliament and voted with a smile on his face to put me in jail for growing 1 cannabis plant.
    He is immoral to the extreme.

    Please do not fawn over this piece of shit. He even still thinks you should be punished for a human right and leave the market in cannabis to criminal hands. I will never vote for him or his party of death and war.

  4. Anonymous on

    Ya OK but Justin is only talking about decriminalization.
    We are a far cry out of legalization they have in Colorado and Washington states.Would’nt it be better if each province would decide what it wants.The canadian federation should be more plastic so as to recognize the local cultures and habits of Canadians.I find marijuana is not viewed the same whether you are in BC or Newfoundland for exemple.

  5. Anonymous II on

    Yesterday at the University of Ottawa, Trudeau reaffirmed his position on many issues including marijuana to a capacity-filled lecture hall. He will stand behind his word, at the very least to appear intimately socially connected with Canadian citizens and there concerns for the future, which appeared to be the focal point of his visit.

  6. Anonymous on

    If Jodie trusts so much Trudeau that he will do something about marijuana when he is in power,then I will side naively with Jodie and hope for the best.
    We are still very far away from Justin Trudeau becoming prime minister of Canada but if he makes it there,then the moment of truth will have come but watch closely whats going to happen next.Well this thing is happening right now and its more urgent than pleasing a few pot-heads and bla bla bla again just like his father.The best Justin will do is to appoint still a THIRD STUDY GROUP thats going to review again and again the status of marijuana and Justin will read it and just like his beloved father did hes going to put it back in the shelves and say to little canadians: you are not mature enough and the time is not ripe. Again…And thgen in 3012 theres gonna be another Jodie and another Liberal Justin and the same thing is going to happen again and again.I’m dizzy sorry