Incredible victories for cannabis reform!

By now you’ve heard about the amazing victories in Washington and Colorado, two states which voted to legalize cannabis at the state level on November 6.

In Washington, possession of up to an ounce of cannabis will become legal on December 6 when the law comes into force. Prosecutors have already begun dropping hundreds of possession charges across the state.

Washington state officials now have one year to figure out how to set up a state-run network of cannabis shops that will sell the herb to adults.
I toke and I vote!

In Colorado, possession of up to an ounce has also been legalized, as well as cultivation of up to six plants for personal use. The Colorado state government is now mandated to establish rules for legalized cultivation and sales.

After the winning votes in Washington and Colorado, I was inundated with media calls and interviews about the Sensible BC campaign. We received extensive media coverage and promotion for the idea that BC can also change our cannabis laws.

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Along with Colorado and Washington, there were other votes to reform the cannabis laws in the US as well.

Massachusetts voters made their state the 18th one to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Plus, voters in six Massachusetts districts passed resolutions calling upon the federal government to repeal cannabis prohibition entirely.

In Michigan, voters in four cities voted to stop arresting cannabis users. Grand Rapids voters replaced possible jail time for possession with a fine. In Detroit and Flint, voters removed local criminal penalties for cannabis possession. In Ypsilanti, cannabis possession is now the lowest priority for police.

In the Vermont city of Burlington, 70% of voters supported a resolution calling on the federal government to legalize and regulate cannabis.

Finally, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a proposal allowing locally regulated cannabis dispensaries received 64% support.

You can read more about the various electoral victories in the US here:


In BC, the tide continues to turn, as the influential Stop the Violence campaign gains further endorsements and public opinion is moving solidly behind legalization.

Although BC Premier Christy Clark still says that the cannabis laws are solely a federal issue, three prominent Liberal MLAs have come out in favour of legalization.

Kash Heed (MLA Vancouver-Fraserview), Joan McIntyre (MLA Vancouver-Garibaldi) and Kevin Krueger (MLA Kamloops-South Thompson) have all recently denounced prohibition and called for changes to the cannabis laws.

In September, the Union of BC Municipalities voted overwhelmingly to support removing penalties from cannabis possession and launching a study into how cannabis can be legalized.

The Stop the Violence campaign recently released a poll done by Angus Reid, which showed that 75% of British Columbians support legalization of cannabis, with only 21% opposed. Only 14% of people in the province think possession of cannabis should be an offence.

You can read more about the Stop the Violence campaign here:


The Sensible BC tour has been going well. I have already visited 21 cities and towns across the province since mid-October, and will continue my travels for the next few months.
Join Dana Larsen on the Sensible BC tour!

I am working to spread the word about the Sensible BC campaign, to build our volunteer base around BC, and to register supporters everywhere I go.

Today I am in Dawson Creek, and this is the first chance I have had recently to sit down and write an update about the wonderful things that have been happening over the past while.

Please help us to promote the Sensible BC tour when I come to your region. We have posters you can print out to put up in your neighbourhood, and you can also link to the tour page and promote it online.

You can see all my upcoming tour dates and download promotional materials at

Thank you for your support of the Sensible BC campaign!

Together we will make history and bring in some sensible cannabis laws for our province, and then all of Canada.

Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen

Dana Larsen is the author of "Green Buds and Hash" and "Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone" and a well-known Vancouver cannabis activist, businessman and politician. He served ten years as editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine, is the co-founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank, founder of the Vancouver Dispensary Society, and Vice President of the Canadian Association of Cannabis Dispensaries. Larsen was a founding member of the BC Marijuana Party and the Canadian Marijuana Party. In 2003 he joined the NDP, running as an NDP candidate in 2008. In 2011, he ran for the Leadership of the BC NDP. Larsen is also founder and director of Sensible BC, Canada’s largest grassroots cannabis reform organization.