Seattle Pot Proponents Cheer Vote to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Moments after President Barack Obama was declared elected Tuesday night, the crowd at Seattle’s downtown Hotel Andra went wild with news that Washington state was joining Colorado in declaring pot legal.

“It is time for a new approach,” said Alison Holcomb, campaign director of the coalition that had pushed the measure, as the room whooped in celebration.

History had been made.

“Even the most difficult things in life are not impossible,” Holcomb added to cheers.

The campaign in this state grew out of an initiative by the local bar association and like a snowball rolling downhill, gathered broad establishment support.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes; John McKay, the state’s former U.S. attorney; former Superior Court Judge Robert Alsdorf; ex-Seattle FBI Special Agent in Charge Charles Mandigo; Washington state Senator Maralyn Chase, and Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson all got on board.

Seattle Attorney Holmes told the jubilant crowd that: “Nothing really changes tomorrow.

“Thirty days from today, however, it will be legal for an adult to possess one ounce of marijuana. No retail stores will be open, but there will be a one-year, rule-making period while we flesh out what growers, processors and retailers have to do to obtain state licences.”

Kirk Tousaw, a Vancouver Island lawyer trying to change drug policy in Canada, said he was inspired by U.S. reform efforts.

“Canadian prohibitionists that used to claim that we can’t legalize because of American reaction at the border have lost that argument,” said Tousaw, who was at the Seattle celebration with several B.C. drug policy activists.

“Now that U.S. states are moving toward legalization, I hope Canada can stop its slide into a failed drug war and instead focus on leading the world in drug policy reform.”

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  1. CanadianGiant on

    I went to the Cenetaph this morning early to pay my respects to my late uncle who trained at Base Borden in 1941 and fought in the Second World War and when i was walking back to my car i lit up a joint of marijuana while holding my Health Canada lisence in my hand.A police officer came up on me quikly, grabbed my arm, and said i,m under arrest for cannabis possession. I yelled when the officer squeezed my arm because i just had a flu shot. He said thats another charge called , Causing a Disturbance by yelling. Then i was handcuffed and brought to the Barrie Police station.I was thrown into a cell by two officers who used force to carry to the cell,where i remained for three hours ,and then i was released . Charges of marijuana possession were dropped because i have a lisence but the disturbance charge remains.I even have to go to court for this on christmas eve. Merry Chistmas everyone.
    If theBarrie police officer would have listened to me and looked at my Health Canada license when i requested, i would not have been grabbed, and i wouldn,t have started yelling in pain.Everyone aroung the Tim Hortons at the five points witnessed this and some took videos.I hope those videos are released on Youtube so you will see how i was treated by the Barrie Police.
    I told the Barrie Police two months ago to get off my back and stop harrassing me but they won,t stop.I also said if you get off my back i will stop writing my stories in the newspapers or websites.
    The Barrie Police pushed me first today ,and if any laws were broken on their behalf by denying me my rights, i will add another lawsuit to the list they have already. Police brutality in Barrie has to stop now.Theres still lots of bad apples on the force. I met about 10 of them today.Every one was rude and the officer who grabbed my arm had liquor on his breath. I smelled it and told him.Maybe he drank cough syrop, i don,t know.
    God bless all the veterens and their families on Rememberence Day. These brave men fought for our country but now the police are acting like nazis, by seizing our homes. Peace.

  2. Anonymous on

    Its a good thing that Americans who voted yes did not care too much about what the reaction of the canadians north of the border might be.Funny how things sometimes work only in a unidirectional fashion isn’t it ?

  3. Capital G on

    I’m sitting here and I find it so exciting to read some -not so common as it should be- sense may finally be spreading…Way to go to all that made this possible…AWESOME!!! I can only hope that happenings like this lead to more sense and compassion instead of increased wasting of taxpayers money on the crusade of DOJ stormtroopers and the like. WAY TO GO!!!