Prince of Pot Says U.S. Votes Set Stage for Softer Marijuana Laws in B.C.

It tasted like vindication to B.C.’s Marc Emery, the prince of pot and a clarion voice for 20 years in the debate over legalizing marijuana.

Voters in Colorado and Washington state decided Tuesday to create new legal regulatory regimes for cannabis that allow personal possession for those over 21 starting next month, and envision production and retail outlets in a year or so.

Emery, who helped finance the crusade to Free the Weed for roughly 15 years, couldn’t have asked for more.

“This is the greatest achievement in 75 years of fighting to repeal the marijuana prohibition,” he said in an email from the Mississippi penitentiary where he is serving five years for selling mail-order pot seeds from Vancouver.

“This will make my remaining 609 days in this U.S. federal prison a gentler cross to bear.”

In Emery’s view, the milestone wins will reverberate around the globe, especially in B.C., where they will influence a marijuana advocacy group’s campaign for a provincial referendum on the issue.

“The I-502 campaign is a model for success that can be emulated elsewhere, and should be,” he added.

While Emery was often surrounded by a smoky haze, those behind the New Approach Washington Coalition basked in their success late Tuesday night sparking nary a joint.

Gregg Holcomb instead poured fine bourbons, premium tequila, champagne …

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