Pro-Pot Votes Stoke Optimism

B.C. marijuana activists say pro-pot referendum results in Washington state and Colorado will aid them in their quest to decriminalize bud here.

Citizens in those two U.S. states voted to legalize pot Tuesday night, and local activists believe the American results should make it easier for B.C.ers to vote in a referendum that’s now in the works.

“The war on drugs is over,” said euphoric pot activist David Malmo-Levine. “This is the beginning of the end. You put one hole in the dam – the water starts rushing faster, and eventually the dam breaks.”

Malmo-Levine is curator of herb, an online presence that includes a museum inside Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters, a multi-storey complex on West Hastings Street that’s the de facto nerve centre of the campaign to decriminalize B.C. pot.

On the third floor, Greg “Marijuana” Williams invites a Province reporter in for a chat, casually rolling a joint and smoking it during the interview. Williams points to, a campaign aimed at getting a B.C. referendum on the issue, and says Washington’s thumbs-up to pot can only help.

“It’s groundbreaking, and it’s very exciting,” said Williams.

Jodie Emery, who fights for pot reform as her husband Marc languishes in jail, said decades of lobbying is finally paying off.

“It’s a victory,” said Emery. “After decades of trying to educate politicians, we’re finally seeing the tipping point. It’s different today – now we can point to an example.”

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