Police Arrest 103 in Massive Anti-Drug Operation Across Canada

Police have made scores of arrests against an alleged nationwide narcotics trafficking ring linked to organized crime that made an estimated $50 million in only six months.

Police in Quebec say they’ve arrested 103 people so far in different parts of the country — including two alleged ringleaders: one in B.C. tied to the Hells Angels and one linked to Montreal’s infamous West End Gang.

Police describe the ring as a well-organized criminal consortium including the Hells Angels as well as elements of the Italian and Irish Mafia.

Warrants were issued for 128 people in total and some people remain on the lam, police say. That includes four of the alleged ringleaders.

The accused face a variety of charges including drug trafficking, conspiracy and gangsterism.

– Read the entire article in Global News.



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  5. Anonymous on

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  6. Anonymous on

    It’s always a MASSIVE (or Major) Investigation, Drug Ring and/or Raid

  7. Anonymous on

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  9. Anonymous on

    And so what?
    Did they say it makes our streets safer and have evidence to back it up?
    Did the money they spent get put out there? Did we get good value for our taxpayers dollars?
    Because so many people were busted how many will actually make it to court and how many will be on bail for many years until their case comes up, if it doesn’t get thrown out for lack of evidence or because our courts are so overcrowded that it can’t come to trial in time. (Many cases like this)
    So tired of these media outlets just acting as propaganda outlets for law (the laws they want to enforce) enforcement.

  10. gutrod on

    The cops arresting some bad asses instead of some grow op supplying pot to the masses of people in Canada who demand it.
    Take out the coke dealers and leave the cannabis industry alone.
    The current cannabis laws just ain’t working and never have. I don’t believe our troops put their lives on the line in Afghanistan to come home to a totalitarian police state where freedom of choice means nothing to our politicians.

  11. gutrod on

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  12. Anonymous on

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  14. Anonymous on

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  15. ganjadude on

    That’s just great, now we’ll have prices go up and even more “gangsterism” in our society. Way to go boys in blue, you just gave organized criminals an early Christmas present.

    2012 is here folks, it’s time to wake up the masses and end this insanity!