Watch LIVE Election Night 2012 Coverage on Pot TV

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Election Night 2012 LIVE on Pot TV – starting at 4PM Pacific on November 6, 2012 – for coverage of the historic votes on recreational and medical marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in states across the USA.

Voters in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon will decide on recreational marijuana legalization initiatives, while those in Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Montana will vote on medical marijuana initiatives. Municipal referendums on lowest police priority and decriminalization will be held in several cities in Michigan, Missouri, and elsewhere.

Cannabis Culture and Pot TV publisher Jodie Emery and CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer will broadcast LIVE from New Approach Washington‘s Election Night HQ in Washington State to keep viewers informed of the results as they come in from across the country. Tune in for interviews and analysis from the Pot TV team.

Pot TV will also broadcast Election Night 2012 coverage by cannabis commentator Russ Belville, host of The Russ Belville Show, who will feature live video reporting from marijuana legalization campaign headquarters from across the USA.

Watch the LIVE coverage starting at 4PM Pacific on November 6, 2012 on Pot TV or in the embed window below.

Find out more about the initiatives:

Initiative 502 in Washington

Amendment 64 in Colorado

Measure 80 in Oregon

Issue 5 in Arkansas

Question 3 in Massachusetts

IR-124 in Montana

New Approach Washington’s Initiative 502 would legalize marijuana possession for citizens 21 and older and allow for state-run stores selling marijuana to adults. High-profile politicians, law enforcement officials, and community leaders are backing the initiative.

Former US District Attorney John McKay, who prosecuted Jodie’s husband, activist Marc Emery, in 2005, is a sponsor of I-502. Marc and Jodie Emery are official endorsers.

Watch Jodie Emery’s official endorsement video for the November 6 legalization initiatives.



  1. Anonymous on

    When it comes to government, dont trust no one.

    Any bet Mitt Romey, got someone to tell the little girl on tv saying Brannncoo bama brannncooo bama.
    And they aint even got teeth to speak…..
    With that branncooo bamma wah wah wahhh

    A child would say anything if you promise them all the toys in the world.

  2. Anonymous on

    For some reason I thought the voting was being done yesterday. Spent all morning sitting here looking for the results and obviously became confused when I found none lol

    Time to get my ass in the shower and off to my intro to business class

  3. Anonymous on

    Watch live news coverage of Cris Ericson,
    United States Marijuana Party in Vermont
    on WNYT News Channel 13 Albany, New York
    (Albany is the Capitol of the State of New York)
    Friday Nov. 2, 2012 at 5:28 PM
    and on Monday Nov. 5, 2012 at 5:28 PM.

    Please tell all of your friends
    because Hurricane Sandy
    broke their streaming video capability,