Larry King Hosts Third Party Debate: Presidential Candidates Slam the Drug War

At Tuesday night’s third-party debate on C-SPAN, Larry King asked the four candidates a question that neither Romney nor Obama has been willing to address: “How does the war on drugs affect Americans?”

Three out of the four candidates agreed the drug war does more harm than good — calling for not just a public health approach to drug policy but also legal regulation of currently-illicit drugs like marijuana.

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Green Party candidate Jill Stein spent more than ten minutes discussing the failures of drug prohibition and the urgent need for reforms. It’s rare to see such truth and honesty from politicians talking about the failed drug war. All three candidates received rousing applause — so you might be wondering, why don’t more politicians speak out against the failed war on drugs?

“We don’t just need to legalize marijuana,” said Anderson. “We need to end drug prohibition just like we ended alcohol prohibition and treat drug use and abuse as a public health and education issue, and get it entirely out of the criminal justice system.”

Johnson added, “Ninety percent of the drug problem is prohibition-related, not use-related… that should be the focus. So let’s legalize marijuana now. Right now in this country, we are at a tipping point on this issue.” He later went on to say, “Look, this is not about advocating drug use. Fifty percent of kids graduating from high school have smoked marijuana — that’s an issue that belongs with families, not in the criminal justice system.”

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