MLA Kash Heed Joins Call for Marijuana Legalization

B.C. MLA Kash Heed has added his voice to the growing list of politicians calling for the legalization of marijuana.

The former West Vancouver police chief and MLA for Vancouver-Fraserview said in a news release Thursday that in his 31 years of law enforcement he has seen the “devastating consequences” of pot prohibition.

He believes legalization and taxation will reduce organized crime activity from the illegal drug trade.

“In the early 1990s, I began to fully recognize the futility and the social, economic and public health costs of continuing marijuana prohibition,” he said, in the statement.

“And I came to one inescapable conclusion—cannabis prohibition fuels gang violence in B.C.”

Heed announced that he is joining Stop the Violence BC, a coalition of academic, legal, law enforcement and health experts. The coalition, which has released polls showing a majority of British Columbians support legalizing marijuana, is fighting to regulate and tax pot.

Heed makes his case in a video produced and directed by Vancouver filmmaker Pete McCormack for Stop the Violence.

“We are not having any success with marijuana prohibition in Canada,” Heed says, in the video. He says although many police officers agree the war on drugs isn’t working, they won’t publicly speak out about it over fear of the consequences.

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Watch the video from Stop the Violence BC: