Medical Marijuana Gardens Could Spring Up in Vancouver Washington Under Proposed Ordinance

Medical marijuana gardens supplying as many as 10 people each and growing as many as 45 plants each may flourish in Vancouver by next year.

Under a state law that the Legislature passed in 2011, ESSB5073, the city has to allow cultivation of cannabis for medical use by qualifying patients. The city is allowed to establish regulations on growing cannabis and has formulated a 50-page proposed ordinance to do so. If the city doesn’t act, then medical marijuana collective gardens can be located anywhere within the city.

The state has set no required date for council action, and the city placed a moratorium on action for 18 months while it waited for clarification from the state. No new state action has been taken.

The Vancouver Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed regulations at 6 p.m. Oct. 23 in the City Hall council chambers, 415 W. Sixth St. The hearing will be followed by a Nov. 19 Vancouver City Council workshop on the proposed ordinance, a Nov. 26 first reading of the proposed ordinance and a Dec. 13 city council public hearing. Public testimony may be taken at both the planning commission and city council public hearings. A city council vote may be taken on Dec. 13, or later if the council opts for further study or testimony.

If the council approves the ordinance, collective gardens could be established starting as soon as garden operators can arrange for cultivation.

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