Carbondale Trustees Deny Medical Marijuana Business Permit

Following a heated debate, Carbondale trustees on Tuesday voted 4-3 to deny an application by CMED owner Michael Weisser to operate his medical marijuana center here.

CMED has been in operation for more than two years at 615 Buggy Circle, but the business is caught in a complex regulatory timeline.

Weisser, clearly upset by the board’s action, asked whether the town was shutting his operation down and was told that town officials would let him know.

“You’d better do it quick, because I’m going to move immediately for an injunction against the board,” Weisser replied.

Mayor Stacey Bernot and Trustees Elizabeth Murphy, Pam Zentmyer and John Foulkrod voted to deny the application, while Trustees Allyn Harvey, John Hoffmann and Frosty Merriott voted to approve it.

The vote came after a lengthy debate about whether Weisser had filed a completed application to operate a medical marijuana center, whether the application was eligible to be grandfathered under town codes, and other issues.

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