Anti-Marijuana Billboards Taken Down in Portland

Anti-marijuana billboards have been removed after complaints from medical pot patients in Portland.

A car accident 14 years ago left Cyn Sativa in a lot of pain. She now self medicates with medical marijuana regularly.

“It helps it so I can tolerate it,” said Sativa. “It helps so I can do things that normal people do.”

Sativa’s appreciation for medical marijuana explains why she is so angered by seven billboards around the Portland metro area. They read: Marijuana – What is good about it – Nothing.

“The message is completely misleading,” said Sativa.

“We’ve seen people whose lives are here because of cannabis,” added Bettie Retro. “To say there’s nothing good about that says there’s nothing good to say about what saved these people’s lives and that’s just unacceptable.”

Retro and Sativa spearheaded a group that lobbied Clear Channel Outdoor to remove the ads. The company obliged and released a statement.

“The ads protesting marijuana are being removed because our policy is transparency of advertising campaigns and the advertisers who are sponsoring them.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    But lol, so is going to happen with meth and heroine posters too? I’ve never heard anyone argue that just because heroine and meth have medicinal uses, that they shouldn’t put up signs like these.

    Although i agree, they wouldn’t do the same for meth or cocaine probably, even though there’s legitimate reasons for their use. The government is really messed up.

  2. gutrod on

    Cheerz. Enough is enough. The real issues should be on the table in the next federal elections in America. As a Canadian outsider I find America to be run by a bunch of bully hypocrites. Law and justice is a myth there for millions of harmless cannabis users. Canada is following their bad example with the current Harper government to most of our dismay. We will hurt them where it hurts in the next Federal election. If Obama is the best candidate down there, American civil rights are in serious jeopardy.