Pot Prohibition Serves Only Crooks and Pushers

Taxpayers must be wondering how long the list of proponents will have to grow before Ottawa moves to decriminalize pot use.

Last week, the Union of B.C. Municipalities became the latest group to recognize the futility of Canada’s existing marijuana laws, with mayors voting at their convention to lobby Ottawa on the subject.

Specifically, their resolution called on governments to “decriminalize marijuana, and research the regulation and taxation of marijuana.”

The voters were mayors and councillors: politicians at the level of government closest to the community, folks who understand how much time and money is being wasted on a useless pursuit.

The Union of B.C. Municipalities should go further and form its own task force to research pot regulation and taxation. The municipal plea follows a similar one last February when four former B.C. attorneys-general — Geoff Plant, Ujjal Dosanjh, Graeme Bowbrick and Colin Gabelmann — called for the legalization of pot.

It’s only a matter of time; at some point a less ideological, more pragmatic political crowd in Ottawa surely will move to adjust Criminal Code provisions pertaining to marijuana, opting for control, taxation and regulation rather than prohibition.

Federal New Democrats support decriminalization and Liberals voted in favour at their biennial convention last winter.

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  1. gutrod on

    Decriminalization would be great but the government should never supply and tax pot. The crap they would put on shelves would be poor quality stalks & leaf. It would be the equivalent of drinking near beer(.5%). It just won’t work as most partakers would still get their fix on the black market where they can shop for the best quality.

  2. Riley on

    If you do your research you will find these draconian weed laws can be traced back to politicians who are deeply involved in large satanic networks, these shady underground satanic networks are controlling the entire illegal drug market. The police cheifs are part of the satanic networks. We might want to deal with that issue if we want to actually legalize this plant. Or you can keep going around in circles, while being totally oblivious to what is actually happening around you.

  3. Intelligent Cannabis Educated on

    I agree with the above comment. We have to start pushing the issue on all fronts and in all provinces. BC should not be the only one to stand against the federal government. In the rest of Canada where there are local police, they should be encouraged to stop investigating a crime without a victim. For whom are they solving a made up crime? But for the lunatics in federal control. In provinces like Ontario where there is a provincial force, they should also be encouraged to ignore the drug laws, as they have more than enough to take care of with highways and other issues.

    The headline should be defined a little better. The ‘Crooks’ are the criminal reform conservatives in Parliament in Ottawa with Crime Minister Ayatollah harper leading the illegal organized crime mob from a stolen election and the ‘Pushers’ are the big pharmaceutical companies that are keeping a natural medicine illegal so that they can continue to sell their toxic poison for a huge profit. Both are crooks and criminals and profiting from the ill health that has been allowed to continue with all the chemicals that are permitted by said criminal government to be in our food, our water, our air and from every source that has been deemed as ‘safe’ but in reality, is what causes much of today’s medical problems. Prevention is much better than having to find a cure, but withholding a cure is mass murder on the part of the Federal government who continues a prohibitionist mandate.

    We need to have more correct information available to the general public who just don’t seem to investigate for themselves and those that waste money to harass a plant have to be taken to task for the waste of public money. Getting more municipalities, provinces, territories and police jurisdictions involved would be a great boost to the cannabis liberation effort.

    Nobody likes paying taxes .. so there is no need to waste the money on useless tasks.

  4. Anonymous on

    If Harper is acting like a moron… ahem,excuse me… based on his own outdated ideologies, I thus suggest that the BC Mayors should act on their own ideologies. There is safety in numbers, so if all the mayors act together in tandem it would go over better than if they do this independently. I suggest that they instruct their city police force to completely ignore any cannabis related issues. Now if the RCMP are the only ones policing pot then A) resources will be extremely spread thin, and B) that would be a much stronger message to Ottawa.

    Why should the cities waste municiple taxes enforcing a rediculous law that the mayors have publicly acknowledged as being rediculous and a big waste of money. I think that if they stand together that their ignoring cannabis laws would be successful.