Pot Resolution Sets B.C. on a New Path

Mainstream B.C. stood up in public Wednesday and moved the marijuana debate much closer to decriminalization than ever before.

The resolution passed at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Victoria is the clearest indication yet of how far the “get tough with criminal pot smokers” stance has eroded.

More than 500 delegates considered a motion that declared the status quo a failure and urged decriminalization of marijuana, coupled with research on regulation and taxation.

After a passionate debate, they passed it by open show of hands. It was endorsed by such a clear margin – probably 60 per cent plus – they didn’t even bother to count the votes.

It’s just a recommendation to senior governments, so it has no legal effect. Lots of UBCM resolutions get ignored, and this one could get placed in a drawer as well. But it’s an unmistakable sign of which way the wind is blowing.

These were locally elected officials responsible for communities all over B.C. They are the collective personification of the establishment, and they showed loud and clear that they don’t buy the discredited establishment line any more.

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  1. Chronic D on

    Our goverment isnt our goverment ,it belongs to the USA.WE are an occupied country. WE have dea,milatary,cia offices in canada.Beside the us can now come into canada and arrest an one of us when the fell like it WAKE CANADA!

  2. Anonymous on

    Keep in mind the government is made of people. People get old and die, and people run for office and become government to replace them, and people vote for these other people.

  3. Rider on

    Doesn’t matter – government already knows that the people want it legalized. They don’t care. We are way past the point that the people can do anything to sway government.