Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Expresses Support For Medical Marijuana Legalization

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren offered some support for legalizing medical marijuana in an interview Monday with Boston’s WTKK-FM. She said her father’s battle with cancer taught her the importance of using appropriate drugs to alleviate pain:

You know, I held my father’s hand while he died of cancer, and it’s really painful when you do something like that up close and personal. My mother was already gone, and I was very, very close to my father. And it puts me in a position of saying, if there’s something a physician can prescribe that can help someone who’s suffering, I’m in favor of that. Now, I want to make sure they’ve got the right restrictions. It should be like any other prescription drug — that there’s careful control over it. But I think it’s really hard to watch somebody suffer that you love.

Warren was responding to a question about a Massachusetts ballot initiative seeking to permit the humanitarian use of medical marijuana. In a state poll released last week by Suffolk University, 59 percent of voters voiced support for the initiative.

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