Recommendations Regarding The New Synthetic Drug Ban

Since the new Federal Ban on Synthetic drugs in the U.S., I have been flooded with emails asking, “Barry, which substances are still legal?”

To ensure accuracy, I paid two of my lawyers to give their opinions. Both lawyers recommended that since the legal wording of the new Food and Drug Administrations law can unambiguously include ALL synthetics, it is their recommendation as well as mine to cease mailing and/or possessing any synthetics to/in the U.S.

It is important to note that in the government’s wording, the new law makes it clear they have closed the loophole regarding overseas importation of these substances to the U.S.

My lawyers, my experience and recent raids and arrests in the U.S. show the government’s willingness to raid and arrest citizens selling any synthetics whether they are legal or not. U.S. law enforcement’s stance in this area is “since the new laws are complicated, we will make the arrests and let the courts sort out whether the arrests were legal or not.”

For example, prior to the ban taking effect and while it was still in the grace period, U.S. law enforcement conducted a serious of raids and arrests seizing millions in cash and product. Although the citizens arrested were well within the legal “grace period” they suffered the raids, arrests and confiscation of all their hard earned cash and assets.

Now they must navigate themselves through the complex U.S. criminal justice system which will cost them piles of more money, stress and the loss of their freedom.

In America, there are Laws and there is Case Law. The Law is a guide for law enforcement but is not detailed. After an arrest is made under the guidance of a Law, then the Law is tested and tried in court. After a ruling, there is now “Case Law” to guide the officers and the courts.

Since the Federal Ban against synthetics is a new Law, there is no case law we can use to offer legal guidance. So to err on the side of caution and safety, it is recommended that no persons test these new laws! It can cost you everything you own including your life.

It is our opinion that the U.S. government is close to making many International Arrest of those not heeding to the new law. The U.S. government loves making examples out of people to show their seriousness and mite especially soon after a new law has been passed.

Barry Cooper a marijuana legalization activist and former narcotics officer from Texas. He is the founder of the popular NeverGetBusted and KopBusters video series.



  1. Anonymous on

    You said it all, yourself……Live and Learn.
    Never feel ‘They’ are Right,…Ever !! Never !
    Stay Strong as a Person with Full Rights.
    Nervousness is the Biggest Enemy at Times !

  2. Anonymous on

    Hi Barry. Love your work and videos.
    I’m still trying to unravel what happened to me a couple weeks ago when a cop pulled me over for a minor traffic infraction while riding my bike. He wanted to search me, and I refused. He then ran my name in his computer and claimed there was a warrant out for my arrest and a fine of hundreds of dollars! I was, as he anticipated, stunned, and too green to know what was up. I protested that I had no knowledge of such a warrant. He said it was for an unpaid transit fare! I had no idea what he was talking about, did I commit some crime I was unaware of, I wondered. Don’t you need to get arrested first to have a warrant out? Or at least be cognizant of a crime you committed? Of course, it did flash through my mind that he was conning me, but I never experienced total deception by a cop before, and it put me off balance. Live and learn. So anyway, he searched me, found nothing, and let me go. So he didn’t get a big catch for the sarge after all. But my question is, what happened here? Did he commit a crime in tricking me? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous on

    thanks barry. synthetics were rampant in upstate NY until the ban which i support. fair warning from someone like you should not be taken lightly.