Fix to B.C.’s ‘Drug Problem’ is Easy — Legalize Marijuana

With three western American states mulling legalized marijuana and the Union of B.C. Municipalities set to debate it, a new group wants the province to stop enforcing the federal criminal ban on pot.

Several prominent cannabis crusaders have drafted a proposed law, called the Sensible Policing Act, and are asking for a provincial commission to study the regulation and taxation of the demonized plant.

Vancouver lawyer Kirk Tousaw said the would-be act instructs police to stop arresting adults for possession, while minors still would not be allowed to possess pot.

“The new law also calls upon the federal government to let B.C. go our own way on cannabis policy, and sets up a provincial commission to figure out exactly what legally regulated cannabis will look like, since it will fall mostly under provincial control, like alcohol and tobacco,” Tousaw said.

The wished-for legislation is available on the group’s website:

“Setting police priorities is within provincial jurisdiction,” Tousaw continued, “and our proposed legislation has been accepted by Elections B.C. as constitutionally sound and suitable for a ballot initiative. While we hope that the provincial government will see fit to pass the into law, we’re focusing on building support for a referendum.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    IT’s the only solution to this timely old policy that put so many of it,s peacful people in jail. Those same people then become harden criminals with a bad additude.Thanks