Medical Pot Shop Set to Open in New Westminster BC

At the New Innovations In Cannabis Education medical marijuana dispensary at 907A 12th Street, the sign on the door reads, “The N.I.C.E. Dispensary is currently open as an info centre, no medicinal products on site. Please feel free to come in for more info on the many benefits and uses of cannabis.”

Through the window, it is evident the retail space is set up to receive visitors, with information on the walls and a reception desk at the back.

But the door is padlocked during the business hours posted on the organization’s website.

One man waited outside the building on Tuesday morning, looking frustrated.

“I was hoping to get some medicine marijuana,” said Douglas College student, Tom Morison, who says he usually gets his medicinal marijuana from a dispensary in Vancouver, but is looking forward to being able to simply walk up the street from the college.

At London Eye Centre across the street from the dispensary, general manager Michael Johnson said he is taking a “wait and see” attitude to opening of the dispensary, but is not concerned that medicinal marijuana may soon be sold there.

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