Creator of Spoof Medical Marijuana Site Comes Forward

Scott Gacek’s friends call him the “Weed Master,” a play on “Webmaster,” to highlight his computer skills.

He says he’s the guy behind the marijuana spoof site that hijacked the website address listed in the state voters’ guide for the committee opposing Question 3, which would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana.

The committee submited for the voter guide but never registered the URL.

When Gacek, 35, realized the domain was available, he bought it and set up the joke site in less than four hours on Tuesday.

“I did it for fun,” he said. “It was kind of a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of thing.”

The local freelance web designer buys domain names and creates pro-marijuana websites. He also writes for a pro-marijuana reform blog.

“I’m a very vocal proponent of medical marijuana,” Gacek said. “I can’t wait for it to pass in November.”

The real vote-no campaign sent out a press release saying that medical marijuana supporters were tampering with the democratic process through “underhanded efforts.” But a campaign spokesman acknowledged that the committee had made a mistake. The group has now created an official site at

– Read the entire article at The Boston Globe.



  1. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    All the candidates are liars. It’s simply a matter of choosing the lesser of the evils. Pick your evil lying bastard who is least likely to do the worst harm to the cannabis legalization movement, or pick your evil lying bastard who is the most likely to legalize cannabis. Am I wasting my vote because my candidate hasn’t a prayer of getting elected? Wasted and wasting the vote. The 2 big parties have this signature shit that keeps Libertarians from having any kind of statistical chance of becoming a rival to any of the 2 major parties. Kinda sucks. R & R are blatantly against Mary Jane. Obama, if he gets enough Dems in the Congress with him, can go back to being the Mr. Nice x Obama cannabis strain we were expecting. What a bitchin’ high! G14 x Obama! Barney Frank did a helluva lot for cannabis, and he’s not a Libertarian. Also, there’s the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Barney’s has some great stuff! I love Barney’s and I love Barney Frank for all his help on trying to get cannabis legalized. Come on Obama! Legalize it! What if they name some strains after you anyway?! Will you legalize it then? Say yes.

  2. Psychedelicious on

    Why is there a photo of zombieland here? Is the only connection that stoners like twinkies? Yet that has nothing to do with the scene in the film; that was about a positive association to the guy’s dead son. Anyways just wondering.

  3. MenaceMotors on

    Let’s do it to it for the Chief Fake in office
    Obbummer Lies and Patients Die
    Don’t be a sheep and reelect a Liar

  4. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Thank you very much!

    This was a fantastic idea.

    Simply change the extension to .com or .org to create a spoof site refuting prohibitionist bullshit.

    Can this be done more often to counter prohibitionist propaganda and interference in other states? At the federal level?

    I love it!