Medical Cannabis Businesswomen to Call on President Obama to Review Medical Marijuana Policy

On Thursday, September 13, the National Cannabis Industry Association, in conjunction with the Women’s CannaBusiness Network, a project it launched earlier this year, will hold a press conference at the National Press Club.

At the event, female business leaders from the medical cannabis industry will call on President Obama to cease enforcement actions against medical cannabis providers while the administration reviews its policies to determine whether they are in the public interest. The women will explain the hardships caused by the federal government’s ongoing crackdown on legitimate medical cannabis businesses.

“In the last year alone, the Department of Justice has taken action against hundreds of medical cannabis providers, including a large percentage who were acting in full compliance with state and local laws,” said NCIA executive director, Aaron Smith.  ”It is painfully obvious that the Department of Justice is not following the administration’s stated policy of respecting state medical marijuana laws.”

The group will also release a report entitled, “The Colorado Cannabis Industry: A Tale of Ten Cities,” which details the sales and tax revenues generated by medical marijuana centers in ten Colorado cities. These ten cities alone, generated close to $10 million in state and local sales taxes in 2011. Representatives from businesses that produced this revenue, but are now suffering due to the Obama administration actions, will speak.

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