The 2nd Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup in Saskatoon

CANNABIS CULTURE – They don’t call the Canadian Prairies “grasslands” for nothing. Pot culture will overgrow the plains again this weekend at the 2nd Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup in Saskatoon on September 2 and 3.

Jeff Lundstrom, a legal medical marijuana user and owner of Skunk Funk head shop in Saskatoon, launched the Prairie cannabis cup concept last year to much fanfare, and he’s bringing it all back again this weekend for round two.

“I’m really excited,” Lundstrom told Cannabis Culture. “This year is going to be another great show.”

Strains from across Canada, with at least five selections from Saskatoon, will compete and be rated by ticket-holding judges.

The event will play host to two nights of entertainment featuring live rock and hip-hop music, guest speakers, catered food, a huge vapour lounge, and a Monday award ceremony.

Guest speakers include Jade Ridge of the Canadian Medical Marijuana Clinic, Robert Godfrey of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party, activist Tamara Cartwright, Dr. Paul Hornby, Mamakind from Skunk Magazine, Mik Mann from Pot TV’s Opus LIVE, and more.

Lundstrom, a medical marijuana patient who was denied a signature seven times by doctors over 12 years of illegal use before finally getting his MMAR card in April 2012, says the event is about bringing attention to a very important issue that is little-known to the general public on the Prairies.

“The biggest reason for the event is awareness; to help people who are legitimately sick get help when they need it,” he said. “It’s about access and being able to obtain a doctors signature in order to become legal. After all, the company with the monopoly [over the commercial production of medical marijuana in Canada], Prairie Plant Systems, is 15 minutes outside of our city, yet this is one of the hardest place to obtain a medical licence in all of Canada.”

Pot TV will broadcast LIVE from the event over the weekend with activist host Mik Mann. Tune in to Pot TV on Saturday for the event kick-off with Opus and Lundstrom, who will be at Skunk Funk (2405 22nd Street W in Saskatoon) for a meet and greet (and smoke) with the public.

Watch LIVE coverage below or on Pot TV.

Judges passes can be purchased at Skunk Funk in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Rolling Zone in Yorkton, Head 2 Head in Regina, and Watchtower Glass in Moose Jaw. The address of the event location in downtown Saskatoon is made available to attendees upon purchase of a ticket.

Event sponsors include BC Bud Depot, KDK, Skunk Magazine, Head 2 Head, Green Harvest, Black Sheep Productions, and the Calgary 420 Club.

Though the Cup wasn’t much of a money-maker last year, Lundstrom said he felt it was important to keep the event going.

“Even if I’ve got to pay a little bit at the end of it out of my pocket,” he said, “at least I know I brought a positive event to a place where change really needs to happen.”

Go to the 2nd Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Facebook page for more information.