Medical Marijuana Trade Group Sues L.A. to Stop Ban on Dispensaries

After Los Angeles officials passed a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries last month, activists vowed to take legal action.

On Friday, they kept their promise, announcing a lawsuit to stop the city from implementing the ban.

In the lawsuit, a medical marijuana trade group called Patient Care Alliance alleges that the ban violates the constitutional right of freedom of assembly. The ordinance passed last month by the City Council outlaws the storefront sale of medical marijuana and says the drug may only be cultivated and shared by groups of three people or less.

Marc O’Hara, who heads the trade group, which works with more than 300 dispensaries in Los Angeles, called the ordinance “heartless” and said it denies patients their right to assemble and care for each other.

Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher said the city had not yet seen the lawsuit and had no comment.

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