Blocking Arizona Medical Marijuana is Pure Hypocrisy

I watch with interest — and some mistrust — as two men I admire fight a battle they won’t win.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne are doing all they can to stop medical marijuana, approved by the voters of this state, from ever becoming a reality.

These two law officers claim that the federal government will prosecute anyone involved in the growth, sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes. That is not true. The justice department, in a memo to all state attorneys, (John Leonardo included) said they would focus limited resources on drug traffickers, not ill individuals and their caregivers who are in compliance with applicable state laws.

Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Horne, Sheriff Arpaio, did you hear that?

Enforcement efforts on these individuals is not an efficient use of federal resources. So as it turns out, you three men really are powerless at this moment in time.

Now, let me say, I would go a step further. I am for the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana (what is a small amount is to be determined) for personal use.

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