Voter Approval Sought for Long Beach Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana advocates in Long Beach filed documents yesterday notifying the City of their intent to collect signatures to authorize a Ballot Initiative. The proposed measure would require City officials to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries to comply with California State law.

In addition to limiting the number of dispensaries in Long Beach, and ensuring that they are not located near schools, public beaches and parks, the initiative calls for a tax of up to 4% to be paid into the City’s General Fund.

Jeremy Coltharp filed documents on behalf of patient members throughout Long Beach, and indicated that patients seeking relief from debilitating illness are concerned with ensuring that they are able to receive medical marijuana in safe and secure locations.

“It’s important that the City of Long Beach provides the leadership needed to ensure the health and safety of all its citizens, both medical marijuana patients and the community as a whole,” stated Coltharp. “Regulation of medical marijuana distribution will ensure that dispensaries have clear expectations to which they must adhere, and will also ensure that sick patients are are not forced to turn to back alley drug dealers.”

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